Google is working on a potential competitor to Apple's HealthKit, called Google Fit, according to a new report. Chances are, we should get some information at the Google I/O conference in July if this information proves to be true.

According to the report from Forbes, Google began working on its own fitness system after learning about Apple's HealthKit, and Samsung's nebulous SAMI concept. It's a move that is designed to make sure that Google doesn't get left behind in this area, and the company is working hard to ensure that is available as soon as possible.

With the impending release of the company's Android Wear, it is clear as day why Google wants to create its own health system since most of these smart watch devices will be used by exercise buffs and folks who care almost too much about living a healthy lifestyle.

At the moment, there isn't an Android Wear based smart watch that has anything to do with health. However, since these devices are quite far from being released, there's a high chance the hardware might get a refresh to add sensors for heart rate monitoring and other crazy things one would expect of fitness based sensor.

This isn't the first time Google attempted to make a move in the health space. The company began with Google Health but it failed.

"Google Health never took off because consumers actually don't want to aggregate their data," says Derek Newell, CEO of digital health care platform Jiff. "They haven't wanted to. What they want is information. They want meaning, rewards and a feedback loop."

The aspect of health has become a major focus in the tech industry as several companies are trying to have dominance over the space. Samsung has entered with both the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear Fit, Apple has come along with HealthKit, and reports claim Microsoft is working on its very own smart watch with health related features.

Still, despite all the health related devices available on the market right now, not a single one has managed to prove why consumers should care about having a heart rate monitor on their wrist, or why they should care to have a device that monitors their sleep activity.

It appears no one wants to take risks, and is likely waiting to see what Apple has up its sleeve. As it stands right now, Apple might be the only company that is confident in breaking the barrier, since rumors claim the Cupertino tech company is aiming to sell upwards of five million of its smart watch every month after release.

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