Here Are Some Tips On How To Not Lose AirPods, Apple's New Easily Misplaced Accessory


When Apple unveiled the AirPods earlier in the year, there was already a running joke that people already lost the wireless earbuds just by looking at them.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook though, the AirPods stayed in his ears even while he did activities such as running on a treadmill and dancing. While a recent report revealed that it is possible for users to have just one of the AirPods replaced for $69 in case of loss or damage, users are still wary of possibly having the wireless earbuds fall out of their ears.

For Apple customers who purchased the wireless accessory but are worried that they might get misplaced, here are some tips on how not to lose AirPods.

Purchase Straps To Connect The AirPods

While attaching straps to the AirPods completely defeats the purpose of having wireless earbuds, the add-on is considered to be a great way of making sure that the AirPods do not fall out without the wearer noticing.

The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern recommended the $10 Spigen AirPods Strap and the $13 AirEars AirPod Strap as possible options with longer cords and secure attachments, but there are many other such products in the market.

The straps only connect the two AirPods, so they would still be wireless in a sense that they are not connected to the user's iPhone. They can also easily be removed from the AirPods, for times when the wearer will not have to worry about the wireless earbuds falling out of his or her ears.

Gauge Your Earlobes For Natural AirPods Holders

Twitter user Andrew Cornett posted a picture on his account of a creative way of blending earring fashion and technology.

In the image, it can be seen that Cornett has gauged ears, which means that his earlobes have been stretched in order to accommodate bigger accessories. Apparently, one such accessory could be the AirPods, as while wearing the wireless earbuds, Cornett inserted them through his earlobes to prevent them from falling out.

While gauging your earlobes is not an agreeable solution to everybody, Apple users who have already done so should take advantage of their fashion statement.

Always Keep Your AirPods In The Case

The last tip is the easiest one to do and costs nothing, but it is likely the one to be the mostly overlooked by AirPods owners.

Whenever you take out the AirPods, store them right away in their case and then keep them in the same place, whether that be in a drawer or in a bag pocket. Do not just place them in your pockets or leave them on a desk outside of their case, as many things could happen which could lead to the disappearance of the AirPods.

AirPods Coming In

There have been reports that the AirPods, which had its shipping estimates almost immediately pushed back to January after online orders opened, are shipping sooner than expected.

For customers who purchased the wireless earbuds, that means that you might lose them that much sooner as well, unless you follow these tips to keep you from misplacing them.

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