Tesla Motors has been known to add hidden features, also known as easter eggs, in the software updates that it launches for its electric vehicles.

As an example, last month, software updates for the P100D Ludicrous vehicles in the Model S electric sedan and Model X electric SUV ranges included an easter egg that boosted performance. With the update, the acceleration time of the electric vehicles from 0 to 60 mph was reduced by a tenth of a second.

In February 2015, Tesla Motors released an easter egg that transformed the Model S into the Lotus Esprit submarine from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

For its latest easter eggs included in the 8.0.2 software update, Tesla Motors is getting into the holiday spirit and blasting off its customers to space.

Tesla Model X Holiday Show

The first easter egg involves the Model X electric SUV, as Tesla Motors looks to spread the holiday spirit through a light show that the vehicle can play.

To activate the easter egg, Model X owners will first have to press and hold the Tesla Motors icon at the top of the vehicle's infotainment screen and then enter the code "holiday" in the passcode screen which will pop up. According to the official Tesla Motors forums though, if the "holiday" passcode does not work, Model X owners can try "modelxmas" instead.

After the easter egg has been confirmed, the user will be asked to exit the Model X and lock the doors. The electric SUV will then swing open its Falcon Wing doors and start a light show using its headlights, fog lights, turn indicators and other exterior lights. To add even more to the experience, the Model X will begin playing Wizards in Winter by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, so that music will accompany the light show.

The Model X needs space of about 6 feet above and around the vehicle so that the holiday show will properly kick in and draw the envy of neighbors.

Tesla Model S, Model X Trip To Mars

The second easter egg, which can be activated on both the Model S and the Model X, will transform the vehicles into spacecraft bound for Mars.

To launch the feature, Model S and Model X owners will need to type in the access code "mars". The image on the infotainment screen will then become that of Mars, with the rendering of the car to also be changed into the Interplanetary Transport System of SpaceX, which is the space exploration company also owned by Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk.

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