What's a dying man to lose or gain from telling the truth? Nothing. This adds credibility to the words of Boyd Bushman, former Area 51 scientist who spilled the beans on aliens and UFOs in his last days.

Bushman died on Aug. 7 but not before speaking with Mark Q. Patterson, an aerospace engineer, about the work Bushman did over the years, most especially his experience in Area 51.

More than just talk about his days in the U.S. Air Force base, situated some 85 miles north of Las Vegas, he shared pictures of aliens with Patterson, claiming that there are those working in the government who are actually aliens.

With a prolific career spanning more than 40 years, Bushman worked as senior research engineer for Hughes Aircraft, Texas Instruments and Lockheed Martin. He was awarded numerous patents as an engineer and was reported to be responsible as well for developing the surface-to-air Stinger missile.

In the video interview with Patterson, Bushman opened up about what he did in Area 51, reverse-engineering alien UFO technology for the military. He added that aliens themselves have worked in the military base, sometimes dying inside Area 51.

The notion of aliens in Area 51 is not a new topic, but Bushman has a few additions; one of which is that aliens in the base are from Quintumnia, a planet located 45 years away from Earth. They used saucer-shaped aircraft measuring 38 feet in diameter.

Most of the aliens that Bushman encountered, he said, were quite friendly, but there were those that weren't. In fact, 19 people died defending themselves from aliens, according to the former research engineer. He called the good guys "wranglers" and the bad guys "rustlers."

Bushman described the aliens to be no more than five feet in height, humanoid in shape and size but with different eyes and noses. They also had five toes and five fingers but don't require talking to communicate, relying on telepathy to convey what they needed. If they started floating while working, they were easy to grab because they were dressed in dungarees.

Given the secrecy surrounding Area 51, it's easy to understand why it's the target of conspiracy theories even before Bushman's revelations. The base was founded as a testing site in 1955 when the U.S. was still developing the U2 spy plane. Today, Area 51 is no more. At least in name. Officially, the base is now referred to as the National Classified Test Facility.

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