The existence of UFOs, unidentified flying objects that are supposed to be driven by aliens from other planets, has been a hotly debated issue.

Now, a video shared by no less than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) could again spark that debate between believers and non-believers of extraterrestrial beings.

The video on Youtube supposedly shows Reid Wiseman, an astronaut with NASA, and Alexander Gerst, an engineer from the European Space Agency (ESA), spacewalking out of the International Space Station (ISS) on Oct. 7 to do some maintenance work. Netizens have instead focused on an object that appears to have photobombed the recording.

The astronauts are seen in the video relocating a cooling pump and installing a power cable device, which would provide backup electrical power to the rail car system of the station. After 1:50 minutes, a mysterious object that looks like another spacecraft suddenly appears.

Some of those who watched the video pondered about the possibility that the object may actually be a UFO.

"I saw the UFO @ 1:49. I played the video again and it was @ 3:30. Then it was @ 4:48. When I played it again just to make sure that I am not and/or anybody else who thought they saw UfO aren't crazy, it disappeared @ 5:05. Now they shortened the video to5:02," a commenter wrote.

There are those who think the camera lens may have something to do with the object; it could be a camera reflection of part of the station.

However, the Examiner pointed out that lens flares and reflections typically require a strong light source, and there were none near the astronauts or the camera when the object appeared on video.

YouTube user H Russel also attempted to explain why the camera is not to be blamed for the appearance of the image.

"You can see it earlier in the video, approx starts coming in @ 1:00, furthermore @ 1:25 when it becomes more clear and finally @1:48 is when it is most visible," he said. "To all of you stating it is a refraction, or smudge, notice how the camera does not zoom or change positions from that view point."

Is the UFO in the NASA video real or fake? You can watch it for yourself and decide:

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