Gamers who have purchased the PlayStation VR would be happy to know that streaming app Jaunt is now available for the virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality was initially hampered by the lack of content, as content creators were not yet willing to invest in virtual reality projects due to the low number of users, while users were not purchasing virtual reality systems because there was a lack of content.

The problem is slowly being resolved, with the number of virtual reality device owners increasing just as content for the technology grows. In the latest development, Jaunt finally expands into the PlayStation VR, making the streaming app available to all major virtual reality platforms.

What Is Jaunt?

Jaunt is a streaming app that works similarly to Netflix, but instead of traditional movies and TV programs, Jaunt focuses on virtual reality content. Upon launching the app, users can browse its collection by category, choose which one to watch, and stream the content directly to the PlayStation VR.

The app is free, with no monetization strategy currently being employed. The company did say that payments to its content creators will come in the future, but for now, Jaunt is an easy place to share virtual reality content with the world.

Most of the virtual reality videos on Jaunt are rather short, with lengths of about eight minutes to 10 minutes. However, because of the 360-degree view offered for each video, users often replay content that they already watched to try to catch things that they might have missed in their first viewing.

PlayStation VR Owners Should Try Jaunt

Owners of the PlayStation VR, upon downloading Jaunt, will gain access to more than 150 virtual reality videos for free, including the award-winning Invasion, Shaq Goes to Cuba, Escape The Living Dead, Zombie Purge, and the Pure McCartney Experience.

PlayStation VR owners will need to catch up to users of other virtual reality systems though, as the PlayStation VR is the last major platform to extend support to Jaunt. The virtual reality content streaming app has already been made available to iOS, Android, Samsung's Gear VR, Google's Daydream, the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and major desktop internet browsers.

Is The PlayStation VR Worth It?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO and president Jim Ryan said in October that he expects many hundreds of thousands of the PlayStation VR to be sold upon its launch. But is the virtual reality headset worth its price?

For PlayStation 4 owners who are itching to get into virtual reality, the device will be a great introduction to the technology. But for those who would like to experience the full potential of virtual reality right away, you might want to wait a bit longer.

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