A new report claims that Samsung may bring a popular feature from its Galaxy Note lineup to next year's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The company is reportedly planning to add S Pen support to the smartphone and offer the S Pen as an accessory for the handset.

In an effort to show off its ability to innovate while creating a new category in the smartphone arena, Samsung released the phablet that started it all, the original Galaxy Note in September 2011. What made the device so unique at the time was its large 5.3-inch display coupled with its S Pen stylus, which combined hardware and software to allow users to interact with the device in more ways than the traditional stylus found on PDAs and other smartphones.

Samsung Planning To Add S Pen Support To Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus?

Since then, Samsung's Galaxy Note series has become one of the most popular handsets among smartphone fans and the S Pen is a major reason for much of the success. Now, a new report claims that Samsung is planning to build in S Pen support for its upcoming 2017 flagship Galaxy S8 and offer the S Pen as an accessory for the device.

S Pen To Be Ultimate Accessory For Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

SamMobile is reporting that a source posted the information on Weibo and claims that Samsung has been testing different Galaxy S8 prototypes. One of the smartphones featured an integrated S Pen like previous Galaxy Note models. The company supposedly decided against building the handset with a dedicated S Pen slot and has instead decided to offer users the ability to buy an S Pen as an accessory to complement the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with its new S Pen support.

More Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Details

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to gain another Note feature, with reports claiming the smartphone will use the same Y-OCTA display technology that made its debut on the now-recalled Galaxy Note 7. The handset has already been confirmed by Samsung to feature a "slick" design and include an optical fingerprint scanner/home button that will be embedded directly into the display of the device, which is expected to feature a bezel-less curved edge screen.

Recent reports have also revealed that Samsung may follow Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus by removing the standard 3.5mm headphone port, adding Harman stereo speakers instead to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus to deliver a rich audio experience.

Samsung was widely expected to follow tradition and unveil the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus at Mobile World Congress 2017 in late February but recent reports have suggested the company may hold an event in April to officially launch its new flagship smartphones.

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