Samsung wants to really get a crack at the automated vacuum cleaner market, which is currently dominated by products such as iRobot's Roomba. Amazon seemed to have given the South Korean company a bright idea after it announced that at CES 2017, a new vacuum cleaner will debut with Alexa compatibility.

Skilled Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Dubbed as the Powerbot VR7000, the robotic vacuum cleaner will reportedly be at Alexa's beck and call via the Amazon Echo. You may be sure it will follow all of the smart assistant's commands short of hopping when Alexa says jump.

Samsung is not very forthcoming how everything will work because, truth be told, things sound a bit complex in our book. It seems that users need to turn to the Amazon Echo first, trigger Alexa and command it accordingly so it can finally instruct the vacuum cleaner to go about its task.

All things considered, Samsung could end up setting its consumers their own little bureaucracies at home, complete with a hierarchy where instructions had to filter down the ranks to reach the intended target.

Specs And Power

Fortunately, there is more to the Powerbot vacuum cleaner. Samsung, for instance, touted that the device can reach hard-to-reach places, which is primary concern for those in the market for an automated vacuum cleaner.

This is complemented by the cleaner's suction power, which can purportedly eliminate any requirement for manual cleaning.

"VR7000 ensures thorough cleaning by generating up to 20 watts of suction power while covering areas that hand-operated vacuum cleaners miss, like under beds or other furniture," Samsung said.

Other notable features include its thinner real estate and voice controls.

Smart Home Credentials

As is customary for automated home appliances today, the VR7000 also boasts of intelligent features that help guarantee efficiency and successful automated performance.

This is largely based on the device's Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor, which help the vacuum cleaner learn and be familiar with the topography of your home.

As it grows smarter in the context of its workspace, it can start making decisions on its own such as the way it is able to prod itself toward dirty areas or what particular areas need to be thoroughly cleaned. It can also learn to avoid and detect obstacles.

Finally, the VR7000 is also capable of automatically tweaking settings. For example, if it finished working on a wooden surface and found itself cleaning a rug, it will promptly adjust suction power.

There is no word yet about pricing and availability but these details should all be sorted out come CES 2017, which is happening from Jan. 5 to 8. Samsung will also unveil other products, including the Galaxy S8.

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