The holiday season is still in full swing, but technophiles are likely already looking forward to the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which is usually held right after the New Year rolls in.

CES 2017, which will be held on Jan. 5 to Jan. 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will give tech companies the chance to show off their latest products and concepts.

Here are the expected trends of CES 2017, and some of the new products that will be showcased at the annual event.

CES 2017: TVs

As with every CES, next year's version of the event will have an overload of massive TVs by manufacturers including Sony, LG, and Samsung.

Most consumers are still looking to jump into the 4K or UHD bandwagon, but CES 2017 will likely also showcase future TV technologies such as 8K screens. One expected TV to be unveiled at the event is a new 4K HDR monitor by LG that comes equipped with a USB Type-C port.

CES 2017: Cars

The annual CES has slowly been transforming into a car show over recent years, and CES 2017 will likely continue the trend.

Looking to make a big splash at the event is Faraday Future, which is set to "unveil the future" at CES 2017 after releasing a teaser video of its electric vehicle beating the Tesla Model X P100D in a drag race.

Honda is also looking to turn heads at CES 2017 with an electric vehicle concept known as the NeuV. The vehicle features artificial intelligence known as the emotion engine, allowing the car to react to conversations with the driver in a bid to create deeper connections between the vehicle and the driver.

CES 2017: Smartphones

Smartphones are usually not a huge draw in the annual CES, especially as most smartphone companies instead plan for bigger showcases at the Mobile World Congress that happens a few weeks after the event.

Smartphones will still be present in some form at CES 2017 though, with Asus expected to unveil the Zenfone AR that is equipped with Google's Project Tango augmented reality platform. LG is also rumored to be launching its new smartphone lineup at CES 2017, while Sony is said to be preparing to show off two new Xperia smartphones.

What Else Will Be At CES 2017?

Smart home devices and drones will also be prominently displayed at CES 2017, along with wearable devices and the latest in computer technology.

Virtual reality will also be making its presence felt at the event, with HTC to show off a new version of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. Microsoft will also be at the event, so it is also possible that the HoloLens augmented reality headset will be making an apperance.

What Will Not Be At CES 2017?

Apple will not be participating at CES 2017, as the company holds its own shows to unveil and showcase its products. Apple enjoys the luxury of not needing to share the stage with other tech companies, but still grabbing headlines.

Also not at CES 2017 is Apple rival Samsung, which will not be unveiling the Galaxy S8 at the event.

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