Does U.S. President-elect Donald Trump have an aversion to computers?

It is no secret that Trump's seemingly limited interaction via computer and almost anything related to it — save for his rampant tweets on a mobile phone, maybe — has become the butt of jokes.

In fact, in November, a community of Redditors started a thread calling for Trump's impeachment because of the kind of technology he uses.

Now, the president-elect himself revealed that computers have a more negative effect on society — and he is not even talking about the Russian hacking controversy.

Confusion In The Computer Age

Technology is changing people's lifestyles at a quick pace. While some thoroughly enjoy the convenience and advancement that technology brings, Trump is not too comfortable with how technology, especially computers, seemingly make life more complicated because it causes more confusion in the present age.

"We have speed. We have a lot of other things but I'm not sure you have the kind of security that you need," Trump commented this week.

To be fair, Trump has a valid point in the sense that the rise in cybercrimes is alarming and cybersecurity measures should be able to keep up, minimize the damages, and be at least a step ahead of cyber criminals.

However, this is not always the case and, more often than not, cybercriminals have already victimized a handful of people and institutions before the alarms even go off.

But Did Russia Hack Clinton's Emails To Help Trump Win?

Then there is the attack on the United States political system, which is also a huge cause of concern.

U.S. Intelligence officials may have reason to believe that the hacking of the Democratic Party and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails was Russia's way to discredit the Clinton campaign and help Trump win the presidency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin considered the hacks a public service but vehemently denied that he had anything to do with it.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham believes that the U.S. should sanction Russia for undermining the U.S. elections, but Trump did not share the sentiment.

'Nobody Knows Exactly What's Going On'

When reporters asked him if the U.S. should sanction Russia for the hacks, Trump gave a somewhat confusing answer.

"I think we ought to get on with our lives. I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on," Trump said.

The president-elect also admitted that he had not spoken to Senator Graham, and he was still unaware of the statement he made with regard to handing down sanctions on Russia.

Talk about people not "knowing exactly what's going on." Perhaps this is why people are trying to figure out if Trump has even ever used a computer in his life.

"For a candidate who says he is an authority on modern business, Mr. Trump is slow to adopt technology," Gizmodo writes. "In 2007, he said he had no home or office computer." .

Trump Tech Summit

People do have to consider, however, that the president-elect has made efforts to reach out to Silicon Valley with his recently concluded tech summit to pave the way for future endeavors in the sector.

But it does make one wonder how the most powerful man in the nation may be limiting his own personal growth and refusing to understand the impact technology has on his own work in the Oval Office.

It is difficult to take Trump's perception of computers seriously when advancements in technology bring both comfort and complication.

More so is it difficult to take Trump's conviction seriously when he seems to prefer being rooted in his old ways rather than learning and adjusting to what the world of technology can offer.

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