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Mark Zuckerberg For President? Quartz Comes Up With To-Do List For Facebook CEO's White House Bid

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced his personal challenge to visit all 50 states of the country this year, fueling speculation that he is entering politics in the future. According to Quartz, here are some of the things that the Facebook CEO needs to do in order to have a successful presidential run.

January 15, 2017

Donald Trump Believes Computers Make Life Complicated: Here's Why

President-elect Donald Trump seems like he isn't a fan of computers. He believes people get more confused because of them.

Life & Style December 31, 2016

Putin Directly Involved In Democratic Party Hacks? US Intelligence Officials Think So

U.S. intelligence officials reportedly have new evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the Democratic Party hacks. Putin reportedly wanted to undermine and discredit the United States as a global leader and hurt Hillary Clinton in the process.

Business Tech December 15, 2016

Internet Association Sends President-Elect Trump Policy Priorities List: Google, Facebook Among 40 Tech Companies That Sent 12-Page Letter

Tech companies want Donald Trump to adopt key policies such as immigration reform, liability protections and the promotion of strong encryptions. In an open letter, they also asked Trump to put pressure on Europe for its restrictive tech policies.

Internet November 15, 2016

Nostradamus Predictions: Did The French Prophet Predict Donald Trump 2016 US Presidential Election Victory Would Lead To World War 3?

Nostradamus followers believe that the 16th century prophet predicted Donald Trump's win long ago and that the 'great shameless, audacious bawler' would wreak havoc in the world. The prophet reportedly foresaw that Trump's presidency would be the beginning of World War III.

Life & Style November 11, 2016

Google Will Help Keep Tabs On US Presidential Election: Updates Every 30 Seconds, Results As Soon As Polls Close

Google really stepped up its game for the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 8. With key info straight in search results, updates every 30 seconds, live coverage on YouTube and election results as soon as the polls close, Google has you covered.

Google November 7, 2016

Google News Wants You To Get Your Facts Straight Before Election Day

Amid a U.S. presidential campaign riddled with misinformation, lies and biased stories, Google News just got a new fact-checking tool for news stories. Facebook, your turn.

Google October 14, 2016

Twitter Prepares For U.S. Presidential Elections With New Campaign Donation Service: Contribute With Square Cash

Twitter launched a new service in collaboration with Square, preparing for the 2016 U.S. presidential elections by enabling campaign donations through tweets and $Cashtags.

Internet September 16, 2015

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