If you were a parent who shopped frantically for the perfect Christmas gift for your child, you would have surely encountered a Hatchimal in your search.

Hatchimals have become the most sought-after toy this holiday season, leaving most stores out of stock because of the Hatchimals' high demand.

Some parents have become so desperate to get their hands on the toy that they have resorted to online stores that have ridiculously marked up prices — with some going for as much as six times the toy's original price of $60.

What Exactly Is A Hatchimal?

A Hatchimal is a cross between Furby and a Tamagotchi. It comes encased in an egg shell and will remain incubated for a certain period of time.

The animal will come out of its shell the more frequent its owner plays with it. Once hatched, it will go through several life stages — baby, toddler, and child — and will speak in a gibberish language.

Cursing Hatchimal?

Unfortunately, some frustrated parents and disappointed children have reported unsavory experiences with their Hatchimal.

A couple in British Columbia claims that the toy they bought for their son was spouting a swear word.

"I'm pretty sure it says 'f--- me,'" said Nick Galego, who posted a video of the toy allegedly saying those words. Upon close hearing, the first word from the animal sounds unintelligible, and could even be mistaken for a sigh or a moan, while the second word sounds a lot like "me."

Other videos of the Hatchimal saying supposedly bad words have also surfaced online. Based on the comments on these videos, many people think that the issue is just being blown out of proportion. Some people say they hear "hug me" or "hold me," instead of the F word.

Other Hatchimal Issues

Other children have complained that their Hatchimal simply refused to hatch, or that they did hatch but died right away. Normally, the Hatchimal comes out of the eggshell after children play with it for about 30 minutes. The Hatchimal will emit lights and sounds from inside the egg until it comes out of its shell. It then turns into a pet creature that children will need to take care of.

After receiving a deluge of complaints, Spin Master, Hatchimal's manufacturer, came out with an apology on Facebook and provided troubleshooting instructions for frustrated customers.

"We are sorry to hear that some of you are having challenges with your Hatchimals," said the company.

Spin Master also issued a statement earlier this month that it was doing everything it could to keep up with the growing demand.

Watch the videos below and see whether these are indeed cursing Hatchimals:

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