Remember how everyone went crazy for those adorable, yet creepy Furby toys back in the late '90s? Well, the beloved toy is making a major comeback, this time being more interactive than ever, thanks to its new smart features.

Called the Furby Connect, the toy was slightly tweaked from its original version to have bigger eyes (to see you with) and larger ears (to hear you with), but luckily, it does shut its eyes and comes with a sleep mask that finally turns it off so the consumer doesn't have to feel like it will go all Five Nights at Freddy's on them in the midde of the night.

While it does many of the same ol' things such as blink its eyes, make noises and chat with another Furby Connect when the two are together, it also has many new features to make it better and smarter than before.

While a recent version of the popular toy was released back in 2012 to sync with an app, Furby Connect expands on this capability by adding Bluetooth connectivity.

Using Bluetooth to connect to the Hasbro Furby Connect app available for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices, the toy is able to receive updates and connect with its owner by showing them video clips, play a catchy song through its partnership with Kidz Bop or even display global events like a sports score.

The new Furby features an antenna on top of its head that lights up blue when new content is available. This alerts the child to open the app to view new content and the Furby Connect then "reacts with its own hilarious take on what's happening on screen."

Through the app, kids can also take care of the Furby Connect. Think of it as a hybrid between a Gremlin and a Tamagotchi. In the app, the owner can raise virtual Furblings that do things like eat and use the bathroom. They can also play games with their pet in the app.

Because of its intelligence, the Furby Connect knows things like the date and time so that it can communicate with its owner to wish it a Merry Christmas or ask for a late-night snack (we've all seen Gremlins — do not feed it or get it wet).

Expect this Furby to be more interactive and move a lot more since it is equipped with motion sensors throughout its body, motors, a microphone, speaker and LCD eyes. Its antenna also lights up in various colors for different emotions.

The Furby Connect is now available for preorder at, and will retail for $99 when released this fall. It comes in a teal and pink color, with three more colors to be added for its launch. The toy is intended for customers ages 6 years old and up.

Source: Hasbro | Business Wire

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