Google Pixel Camera Security Flaw That Could 'Facilitate Tracking' Now Fixed


If such a company firmly girded around values of security exists, it has to be Google. Its web and mobile platforms are even laden with it in fact, resulting in monthly security patches for Android smartphones, user controller permissions, and a host of protective measures for installing apps from the Play Store.

Despite this, no security is ever completely airtight, with flaws still slipping through cracks every now and then. One such security flaw has was recently found on the Pixel and Pixel XL's camera, wherein tracking the device could be facilitated without due notification for the host owner.

Google Pixel Camera Security Flaw

According to a recent commit to the Pixel Android Open Source Project, the front-facing camera's serial number, which HTC made, changes between different devices. This form of identification could open individual devices for tracking by third-party developers, hence an obvious, and quite potentially major security flaw, according to 9to5Google.

Uninitiated tracking provides a weak spot to a user's privacy. It's up to one's imagination how this could be exploited and subsequently get awry for the owner of the handset, but needless to say that it won't be pretty.

Fortunately, Google has finally fixed the issue with a patch that restricts access to the front-facing camera's serial number. The information has now been hidden from third-party apps, preventing them from accessing it. Further test has also demonstrated that the patch successfully does its intended purpose, with the camera app functioning normally.

Google Pixel Issues

Google's self-branded flagship pair has been put under fire recently, bearing a number of reported gripes owners have recently mourned about online. For one, there's the trouble with distorted audio, which sees the device's speakers output a cracking sound when the volume is switched to maximum. The issue persists even when headphones are plugged in, which has caused a lot of upset across Pixel owners.

There's also two problems related to the device's camera, one where it randomly freezes and displays pink or purple lines all of a sudden, and one where a generous bout of lens flaring occurs when taking pictures or recording videos. More recently, there's also been a few reports of unexpected shutdowns, with the phone turning off even with 30 percent battery capacity still left.

The patch for the security flaw could likely be included in this month's security patches, which should be released soon. Those who own a Pixel or a Pixel XL should watch out for the said update to avoid potential privacy and security risks moving forward.

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