Apple's AirPods have finally hit the market recently and users noticed a frustrating Charging Case battery drain, but a simple reset might do the trick.

The AirPods wireless earphones were initially supposed to launch in October 2015, but faced extensive delays and only hit the market in December, seeing high demand.

While the AirPods proved popular, however, not long after the earphones became available, users started complaining about an issue with the battery life of the AirPods Charging Case, marring the experience.

AirPods Charging Case Battery Issues

By late December, reports were already piling up, with many users complaining that the AirPods and their Charging Case did not live up to Apple's battery claims. The Charging Case, in particular, is supposed to last for up to 24 hours, but users reported a rapid battery drain even when the AirPods were fully charged, and there was not much Bluetooth activity going on.

With no official response or fix from Apple, users started coming up with ideas that might potentially fix the issue at least temporarily, until the company addresses the problem.

AirPods Reset Might Do The Trick

Over at Reddit, one user reported that resetting the AirPods solves the Charging Case battery drain issue in most cases. MacRumors forum members confirmed that completely resetting the AirPods and syncing them again with each iOS device did indeed fixed the problem, returning their Charging Case to proper battery performance.

On the downside, this workaround doesn't seem to solve the issue for everyone. While some users have managed to get rid of the problem by resetting their AirPods, many others are still reporting consistent Charging Case battery drain even after the reset.

Some users gave up and decided to exchange their AirPods altogether because of this frustrating Charging Case battery drain, but low stock makes it quite challenging to get a new pair without a hefty wait time. Others, meanwhile, preferred returning the AirPods altogether and getting a refund.

One user over at the MacRumors forums, for instance, wrote about their experience with Apple Support and it's disheartening. The options were either to return the AirPods and wait for a replacement that would take six weeks to become available or keep contacting their local Apple retail store daily to check if they received any new stock for the exchange.

Moreover, Apple Support reps reportedly told the user that when the AirPods do get back in stock, they'd better hurry and make the swap before another customer bought them.

"No solution they offered was convenient. So I had them refunded," the user further noted.

The same user added that they bought a second pair of AirPods and started experiencing the same Charging Case battery drain issues.

Software Fix?

Considering that resetting the AirPods does the trick for some users, the problem might be fixable with a firmware update designed to address the battery drain. With no official word from Apple, however, it remains unclear whether this issue can indeed be fixed through a software upgrade or whether a more serious defect is at fault.

Have you experienced any battery issues with the AirPods Charging Case? If so, did resetting the AirPods fix the problem? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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