Nvidia is one of the first companies to reveal its new Android TV streaming box at CES 2017. The device, which is rocking the same design language we have seen from this range since 2015, is still outfitted with the Tegra X1 system that runs its older iteration.

Why Buy The New Shield?

Despite the technology under the hood, Nvidia's new Android TV is worth looking into for two main reasons. First, the device has been shrunk so that it is now 40 percent smaller than its predecessor.

It is not yet clear how Nvidia managed to do this or whether the Tegra X1 has been reworked; however, those in the market for a smaller TV box will be finding the unit quite appealing as it approaches the size of Roku's footprint.

New Nvidia Shield Controller

The second key selling point for the new Shield TV is its controller.

Last December, Nvidia has already hinted at this change and we now bear witness to how it looks like. Unlike the cartoonish controller of old, its latest iteration is more angular and looks more aggressive. In addition, it is also outfitted with the Google Assistant technology, which means that users no longer have to haul themselves close to the smart TV or hunt for their smartphone because they can already say "Ok Google" to issue a command.

This is different from the dedicated Shield Spot technology, which Nvidia also announced at CES. The device can be installed anywhere at home and its little ambient microphone will effectively pick-up the "OK Google" commands as well.

For its computing requirements, the Shield Spot connects to the Nvidia Shield through Wi-Fi.

Emerging Media Platform

All these considered — Nvidia Shield, game controller, remote and Shield Spot — it appears that Nvidia is establishing a platform that sweepingly aggregates the features of a streaming box (including 4K media), gaming platform and smart assistant. This effectively places the device in a position to poach not only users of media streamers such as Roku and Chromecast but also those embedded in the Amazon Echo and Google Home ecosystems.

The Shield is also reportedly supporting the integration of the SmartThings smart home hub, which could place it in control of other smart appliances.

It could even snag some gamers from the PC and gaming consoles. Nvidia Shield has its own Steam app that lets users stream on-demand PC games. One should also remember that Nvidia store now boasts of more than 1,000 titles.

Shield Price And Availability

The new Shield will start retailing for $200 while its Pro version gets a $300 price tag. Nvidia stated that it will be available at the end of January. The company's listing at Amazon, however, is more specific citing a Jan. 16 release.

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