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Google Assistant's New Feature Lets Family And Friends Send Reminders To Each Other

Google Assistant has a new feature that can help families manage busy schedules. Once a Family Group is created, members can send assigned reminders to each other.

Smart Home August 15, 2019

Google Assistant Can Now Read And Reply To Messages From More Messaging Apps

Google Assistant will now be able to read and reply to messages from more messaging apps. It now supports reading messages from apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Google August 3, 2019

Huawei And Google Cancel Smart Speaker Collaboration Because Of Trump Ban

Huawei and Google shelved a project for the building of a smart speaker that was supposedly targeted for release in the United States and markets outside China. The collaboration was allegedly canceled after the United States imposed a ban on Huawei.

Gadgets July 30, 2019

Google Search, Maps, And Assistant Can Now Take Your Food Delivery Orders

Google's new service lets users place food delivery orders using only Search, Maps, or Assistant. That way, they won't have to use an app or anything like it anymore.

Google May 24, 2019

Heads Up Sonos Owners: Google Assistant Is Coming Your Way

As promised back in 2017, Google Assistant is finally heading to Sonos’ smart speakers. Sonos had missed its original 2018 target but now support is finally coming soon.

Google May 11, 2019

Here's How To Disable Google Assistant If You've Had Enough Of It

Google Assistant isn't just a fun chatting partner when there's no one else around, but it's also really helpful in carrying out tasks. It's not for everyone, though, so it's a good thing it's easy to disable.

Google May 10, 2019

Stopping Google Assistant Alarms With Voice Commands Just Became More Natural

Google Assistant is receiving a new feature that makes stopping alarms and timers easier. Now users can simply say 'stop' to turn them off, without having to say 'Hey Google' or 'OK Google.'

Google May 8, 2019

Google Assistant's 'Tell Me A Story' Feature Makes Bedtime Stories Available Anytime, Anywhere

Google Assistant can now read stories from a phone or tablet with 'Tell Me a Story.' Previously, the feature was available only on Google Home speakers.

Google April 27, 2019

Confirmed: Facebook Is Making A Voice Assistant, But It Might Not Compete With Alexa, Google Assistant

Facebook is developing an artificial intelligence assistant to put in its Portal, Oculus, and potentially future hardware. It’s not clear how it’s going to perform, but don’t count on it being an Alexa or Google Assistant replacement.

Apps/Software April 18, 2019

Google Assistant Comes To G Suite With Calendar Integration

It’s hard to believe, but Google Assistant is finally integrated within G Suite. There’s not a lot to try at the moment, but soon G Suite customers will be able to summon Google Assistant to do Calendar-related tasks.

Google April 11, 2019

Google Assistant Search Results Now Gives You More Visual Information

When you search for stocks, Google Assistant will now show you a performance graph plus a bunch of other things to make search results more dynamic at a glance. No word yet on when this might roll out to iOS, though.

Apps/Software April 8, 2019

Google Duplex Is Rolling Out To Non-Pixel Smartphones And iPhones

Google has begun expanding Duplex's range of supported devices. Now more non-Pixel Android devices and iPhones with the Google Assistant app installed are compatible with the automated calling feature.

Google April 3, 2019

Google, Walmart Team Up To Let Users Buy Groceries With Google Assistant

Walmart adds Google Assistant as a shopping option seemingly to take on Amazon. What’s great is Walmart Voice Order uses information from your previous purchases to predict what you’re trying to buy.

Google April 3, 2019

Google Assistant's Continued Conversation Feature Now Works On Smart Displays

Continued Conversation is coming to Assistant-powered Smart Displays, such as the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display. The feature has been available in Home smart speakers since June, and now it's rolling out to more devices.

Google March 7, 2019

Google Assistant Is About To Make Texting So Much Better

Google is bringing Assistant to Android Messages over the coming weeks to make searching easier while talking to someone. The feature will come as Google prepares Allo’s final days.

Google February 25, 2019

More Phones Are Getting Physical Buttons For Google Assistant

Aside from the LG G7 ThinQ, more phones will now have a physical Assistant button. Google expects over '100 million devices to launch with a dedicated Google Assistant button.'

Google February 25, 2019

Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode Serves As Real-Time Conversation Translator

It was announced during the CES 2019 that Google Assistant will be having additional upgrades, including the Interpreter Mode. This feature lets users translate conversation in real-time.

CES 2019 January 9, 2019

Google Expects Google Assistant To Be On 1 Billion Devices By End Of January

Google revealed on Monday it is expecting the Google Assistant to be on 1 billion devices by the end of the month. The number is far more than the 100 million devices with Amazon's Alexa on board.

Google January 9, 2019

Anker's Roav Bolt Lets You Bring Google Assistant On Your Car Rides

The Roav Bolt is a device that can put Google Assistant on just about any car. Made by Anker in collaboration with Google, it can make vehicles smarter, allowing users to make hands-free calls, texts, and the like.

Gadgets January 8, 2019

Jabra Elite 85h Headphones Feature Noise-Canceling, Ultra-Long Battery Life, 2 Digital Assistants, And More

Jabra’s new Elite 85h headphones sound like it’s going to be one of the best in the market. At $299, it got hands-free assistant control, 32 hours of battery life with noise cancellation turned on, and much more.

Gadgets January 7, 2019

LG Shows Off New Soundbars With Dolby Atmos And Google Assistant

LG has officially unveiled three new soundbars ahead of CES 2019. They all feature Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and come with built-in Google Assistant.

Gadgets December 27, 2018

Samsung Will Add Google Assistant And Bixby To 2019 TV Lineup

Samsung is reportedly adding both Google Assistant and Bixby to its 2019 TV lineup. They could also come with improved audio capabilities a la Apple HomePod.

Gadgets December 21, 2018

Google Assistant Now Tells You If Flights Might Be Delayed

Smart gets smarter. This forthcoming holiday season, Google Assistant will begin giving flight predictions so traveling users can prepare in advance in case delays occur.

Google December 17, 2018

Google Assistant Now Lets Users Control Nest And Yale Smart Lock With Voice Commands

Starting Aug. 29, the 'Nest x Yale Smart Lock' can now be maneuvered by Google Assistant with voice commands. The Nest x Yale lock costs in the range of $249 to $279.

Google August 29, 2018

Amazon Alexa And Microsoft Cortana Finally Working Together: Watch Out, Apple Siri And Google Assistant

It took a year, but Amazon and Microsoft have finally rolled out a preview of the partnership between their digital assistants. Users will now be able to access Alexa in Windows 10 devices and Cortana in Echo smart speakers.

Apps/Software August 16, 2018

Pandora Premium Finally Rolling Out To Google Assistant Devices: How To Get A Free 90-Day Trial

Google Assistant users can finally avail Pandora Premium. The famous music service is becoming more in-demand across the world because of its amazing features such as lyrics search and personalized playlists.

Smart Home August 15, 2018

Scheduled Routines Now Rolling Out On Google Assistant: Here’s How To Use It

Scheduled routines is finally coming to Google Assistant. With it, users can set routines that automatically go off even without asking Google to do them.

Google July 28, 2018

Google Home Can Now Speak Spanish: Here's How To Set It Up

Google announced that its smart speaker Google Home can now speak and understand Spanish. The language is one of many languages the company intends to add to voice-activated assistant’s linguistic capabilities by the end of the year.

Google June 28, 2018

Google Home Now Supports ‘Continued Conversation’: No Need To Say ‘Hey’ Or ‘OK’ Every Time

Google Assistant now supports a feature called continued conversation, negating the need to say wake phrases for each command. It’s now rolling out to U.S. users and is only available in English for now.

Google June 22, 2018

Can Alexa, Siri, And Google Assistant Help Save Lives? Yes And No, Say Experts

Researchers carried out a study to determine how the latest voice-activated smart assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant react to queries about depression, rape, and domestic violence. Here’s what they found:

Apps/Software June 7, 2018

Rumor: Xbox One Will Get Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa

You won’t have to wear a headset to control your Xbox One with voice commands anymore. Rumors say Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are both coming to the console, though it’s not clear what features they’ll bring.

Microsoft June 4, 2018

Google Assistant Learned How To Fire A Gun: Should You Be Scared?

An artist taught Google Assistant how to fire a gun, for his latest piece. The contraption raises questions on the ethics and safety of artificial intelligence, especially on how it interacts with humans.

Google May 31, 2018

Google Duplex And Ethics: Why Experts Are Worried Of 'Botifying' Humans

Technology experts applauded the potential of Google Duplex when it debuted earlier this week. However, concerns about ethics have materialized after the demonstration failed to include a disclosure that informs the caller that they are talking to an AI.

Google May 12, 2018

Xiaomi's Google Assistant-Powered Smart Home Products To Land On US Shores

During the Google I/O event, Xiaomi announced its plans to bring its smart home products to the United States. There will be three devices that will come first, and these will arrive with support for Google Assistant.

Smart Home May 12, 2018

Google Assistant Feature That Sounds Human Will Apparently Introduce Itself As AI

Google Duplex, a new Google Assistant feature, shocked the world at I/O 2018 because it sounded human. The AI-powered system has received backlash, pushing Google to clarify that it will introduce itself as a robot when talking to people.

Google May 11, 2018

Alexa, Siri, And Google Assistant Follow Malicious Voice Commands Hidden In Music

Researchers have found a way to hide malicious voice commands in music that Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will follow. Are hackers already using this method to victimize users, and how can you protect yourself against it?

Security May 11, 2018

Google Assistant Is Getting 6 New Voices, And You Can Try Them Out Now

Google just released six new voices for the Google Assistant, which makes the total count 8. They were made available only recently, with another one, which is that of John Legend, coming later.

Apps/Software May 10, 2018

Google Duplex Will Make Your Jaw Drop (It Might Also Steal Jobs From Humans In The Future)

Google I/O 2018 just revealed the upgrades in store for its virtual assistant service. Google Duplex is the highlight of the keynote that demonstrated how far the company has advanced its voice-based AI to make calls like a human.

Google May 9, 2018

LG TVs Get Smarter With Google Assistant Voice Controls And ThinQ AI

LG announced new home cinema experiences with ThinQ and Google Assistant, and now, it's delivering. Google Assistant is now live in LG's premium Super UHD and OLED smart TVs, so here's what it brings.

Smart Home May 9, 2018

Future Volvo Cars To Have Google Assistant, Maps Even If You Don’t Use Android

A slew of Google services is coming to next-generation Volvo cars, including Assistant, Maps, and Play Store apps. The best part? No Android phone required.

Car Tech May 8, 2018

Google Assistant Now Lets You Buy Movie Tickets: Here’s How

OK Google — buy me tickets for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.' That’s right, Google Assistant now allows in-app ticket purchases, and you don’t even have to download the Fandango app.

Apps/Software May 5, 2018

Wear OS Is Getting A Lot Smarter Thanks To New Assistant Features

More Google Assistant features are coming to Wear OS, the company's newly renamed smartwatch platform. Included are Smart suggestions, a better implementation of My Day, and Actions.

Wearable Tech May 4, 2018

Google Assistant Works With 5,000 Smart Home Devices

Google revealed that its Google Assistant can work with over 5,000 items in a smart home environment. The technology company also announced that it was developing partnerships with a variety of companies such as ADT, IKEA, and LG.

Google May 3, 2018

Google Wants Sponsored 'How To' Videos For Assistant: Report

Google reportedly approached companies to create videos for a new 'How To' feature for Google Assistant. The search company made plans to showcase the step-by-step videos feature at I/O 2018 in May.

Google April 21, 2018

Android Fans, Rejoice: LG G7 ThinQ Has A Physical Button For Google Assistant

Google Assistant will work hand in hand with the forthcoming LG G7 ThinQ. It will even have a dedicated button for it, just like the Bixby button on newer Samsung Galaxy phones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 21, 2018

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