Apple launched its latest operating system - iOS 10 - amid much excitement in 2016 and now, a new survey reveals that a majority of Apple users have installed the update on their compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod.

It's been nearly four months since iOS 10 was made available to Apple users and the official statistic from Apple reveals that this version of the operating system is now running on 76 percent of iDevices, which are eligible for the update.

Only 18 percent users have chosen to stay put on iOS 9 as of now and a paltry 6 percent devices are still using older versions of iOS.

The news of iOS 10's massive adoption comes straight from the horse's mouth i.e. Apple. The company shared the statistic on its website on a pie chart. Apple disclaimed that the data was "as measured by the App Store on January 4, 2017."

Released in October 2016, iOS 10 initially encountered some bugs and errors in the beta stages, but when the updated version was pushed out, users did not have much to complain about

Interestingly, iOS 10's adoption has edged past that for iOS 9 by a small margin. In January 2016, we reported that iOS 9 75 percent of Apple devices were running on iOS 9.

In September 2016, we disclosed that the adoption rate of iOS 10 was slightly higher when compared to iOS 9 and the former was running on 50 percent compatible devices. The new OS was installed on nearly 14.5 percent devices within a day of becoming available. Such was the excitemet for iOS 10 that a week after the operating system's arrival, it was installed on 34 percent iDevices.

The adoption of iOS 10 has seen a steady increase in the past few months, which can be partly attributed to Apple outing iOS 10.2 in December 2016. According to a MacRumors report, prior to this, iOS 10 was installed in only 63 percent of the total Apple gadgets that were in use.

The fact that iOS 10.2 was riddled with a bug that affected the battery performance of iOS devices, does not seem to have deterred iFans from updating their devices.

Apple is rumored to kick off the beta testing for iOS 10.3.1 from Jan. 10, 2017. The upcoming update is believed to bring in its folds a new Theater mode per a leak.

The swift adoption of iOS 10 augurs well for Apple and bears testimony to the fact that iDevice users are embracing the new features and functionalities its software updates bring.

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