Gamers Can Soon Also Use The Steam Controller Interface For Xbox Controllers: Great Move, Valve


The latest client update for Steam, which is currently available in beta version, enables the interface of the Steam Controller to work with Xbox controllers.

This move by Valve expands the capabilities of the software component of the Steam Controller, heading toward a future wherein gamers can use any controller of their choice for all games on the platform.

Steam Client Update Adds Xbox Controller Support

According to the changelog for the latest Steam Client Beta Update dated Jan. 5, gamers will be allowed to use the Steam Controller's advanced mapping features with the Xbox One controller, the Xbox 360 gamepad, and any other device that utilizes the X-Input standard.

The interface of the Steam Controller allows users to assign the buttons of controllers to different keyboard functions and in-game actions. This feature allows any PC game to be played using a controller, even those meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse.

There are some games that offer support for Xbox controllers, but that largely depended on the title and its developers. With the expanded support, the feature will be opened up to all games, without any extra work required before players are able to customize the buttons of their controllers to their needs.

The latest beta update for the Steam client now expands the feature to Xbox controllers, as support was previously added to the PlayStation 4's DualShock controllers late last year. Many gamers prefer using an Xbox controller over a PlayStation controller, so this additional feature will be largely welcomed.

Why Is The Feature Still In Beta?

The addition of support for Xbox controllers is still in the beta stage because Steam currently has no way to detect between an Xbox One controller, an Xbox 360 gamepad, or a generic X-Input device. As such, it is difficult to save controller-specific profiles, with all different Xbox controllers to share configuration and personalization settings for now.

In addition, for some gamepad profiles uploaded by the community, they might not be compatible with certain X-input devices with a fewer number of buttons than usual.

Trying Out An Xbox Controller With The Steam Controller Interface

When will the feature be brought out of beta? That information is not yet known, but for Steam users who would like to try out their Xbox controllers with the Steam Controller's mapping features, you can do so by going to the settings menu of the Steam client and then clicking on the beta participation option. From there, you will be able to access beta releases for the Steam client, including this latest one.

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