Horror movies follow a formula. They have rules. Don't go in the basement. Don't hide under the bed. Splitting up the group? You're asking to be butchered. And really, why doesn't anyone ever have cellphone reception? Silly rules for sure, but If you're about to party with a bunch of friends on Halloween night, figuring out what type of character you are might save your life.

1. Nerd
An introverted geek into cosplay, comic books, and video games. He's invited to party just to be picked on. Pining for a girlfriend, this mama's boy's knowledge of everything weird, supernatural and unexplained should help him survive. Unfortunately his quest for a girlfriend will cause his demise.

Spends hours playing:

Alien: Isolation
A tension filled first-person survival horror game. The player is aboard the space station Sevastopol as Amanda, Ripley's daughter, looking to find the flight recorder of the Nostromo which may contain the secrets to her mother's disappearance. Stealth is the best defense against this xenomorph, in a claustrophobic game of "who's hunting who?". Highly recommend for training against hostile alien insemination.

The Evil Within
A chilling survival horror game from the third-person perspective. Detective Sebastian Castellanos is called to a gruesome crime scene at the Beacon Mental Hospital. Wading through blood and guts, players must avoid hideous creatures that wander the halls of the hospital. Fantastic trial by fire. If you make it to the end you'll have the skills to survive any demonic attack.

Favorite Movie: Brainscan

2. Femme Fatale
This smart sexy lady has one thing on her mind, getting what she wants. Wearing too much makeup and a short skirt, she charms every man before finally being skewered.

Dresses up with:

Elvira's Black-Roses Perfume
A sensual scent that fills the air with roses and and un-earthy Patchouli. An exotic fragrance that could bring that dead back to life.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Makeup
Inspired from the movie that brings meaning to flinging toast, this limited cosmetic line from MAC will have you looking like a "sweet transvestite" in no time.

Favorite Movie: Night of the Demons

3. Alcoholic Stoner
Getting drunk or high during the night's festivities puts the stoner on the chopping block. Usually these partiers stumble away from the campfire, hallucinating and cracking jokes. These poor fools never see their end coming.

Partakes in:

Frozen Ghost Vodka
This tasty beverage is distilled 6 times with spring water from a haunted lake where a man was murdered. Those brave enough to take a sip pray they don't see through his eyes.

The Firefly
A portable vaporizer that uses an efficient convection heating system. Careful, it works so well it may warp reality. Not a smart move for someone in a haunted cabin in the woods.

Movie: Freddy vs Jason

4. The Jock
A good looking, muscle-bound bully who usually hangs with his boys, causes trouble and hits on the ladies. No one can wait for his turn to die. The killer shows some creativity to violently dispatch this loudmouth using The Jock's workout gear as the weapon of choice.

Works out with:

Zombie Bells
These limited edition zombie-inspired kettlebells are perfect for staying in shape before the next undead horde raids the camp.

A new take on the battle rope, Sandrope is a 30 pound, 10 foot long neoprene tube filled with sand, and it will torch your core. Tie it to a tree (or another limb) for intense whipping action. Cue the maniacal laughter.

Movie: A Nightmare On Elm Street 4

5. Girl Next Door
Cute and innocent, she's the last person alive. Throughout the film she's tossed through windows, tumbles down stairs, hides in stupid places and tries to get away but falls down running from the killer. She finds her courage and strength in the final scene, becoming an avenging angel by killing her friends' murderer and surviving the bloody night.

Should be wearing:

GEL-Kayano 21 Sneakers
Scrambling down dirt roads and rocky ravines while trying to stay alive isn't easy. Before you go for that moonlight jog lace on a pair of GEL-Kayano sneakers. The heel clutching system keeps feet stable while the webbed sole helps maintain off road grip.

Mizunio Wave Paradox Sneakers
The best weapon in your arsenal against a killer is speed. Mizunio Wave Paradox sneakers are an excellent choice when you have a monster on your tail. They are ultra light weight and use Mizunio's Wave Plate technology to help absorb shock from all that running.

Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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