Nvidia is immediately moving to quash any suggestion that the first generation Nvidia Shield Android TV would now be left in the cold after the recent debut of the new Shield TV.

The company maintained that the latest Android 7.0 Nougat software it announced at CES 2017, including all of its nifty features, is also heading to the original Shield.

What is even cooler is that Nvidia promised to roll out the update the day that the new Shield starts shipping. Based on the device's listing at Amazon, it will become available on Jan. 16.

This date has not been officially confirmed but it has been posted at the online retailer site for several days already. If there was a mistake in this schedule, Nvidia would have promptly addressed the issue accordingly. So, all these mean that the older Android TV will also likely get the latest software update by Jan. 16.

Features And Compatibility

The new software features have been outlined in a previous Tech Times report. The bulk of these will also be accessible to the original Shield TV owners. They can expect an expanded list of streaming features, which are emerging as cornerstones for Nvidia's ambition to maintain an edge over its rivals. You will be able to stream TV, video, 4K contents, and games.

The upcoming Nvidia Shield TV integrates the Google Assistant function and it can be triggered through the new controller. There are probably those wondering how this can be implemented in their old Shield when its controller does not have the hardware requirement to pick-up and process Google commands.

Old Shield TV And The Google Assistant

Nvidia revealed that if you are intent on using Google Assistant, you can simply buy the new controller. It will also seamlessly work with the original media box.

Buying this particular peripheral could be a practical investment since this is the unit that Nvidia focused on in terms of the way the new Shield TV got reworked. The controller is now smaller and more comfortable for better gameplay. It has an always on microphone for the Google Assistant feature.

If you feel that you like your old controller better and still want the Google Assistant feature, fret not. You will be able to use the service with your old Shield and your old controller just by purchasing the Shield Spot technology. It can be installed anywhere at home and its little ambient microphone will effectively pick-up and act on an "OK Google" command since it is connected to your Shield TV via Wi-Fi.

Hardware Difference

It is also helpful to remember that there is very little difference between the old and new Shield TVs. True, the device has been shrunk by as much as 40 percent, but its innards are roughly the same. For example, the latest Shield is outfitted with the same Tegra X1 system that its older sibling has been rocking upon launch.

The external design is also similar save for the size footprint.

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