Mercedes-Benz is on BMW's trail and could go on to become the biggest carmaker in the premium segment.

According to a Reuters report, the sales of Mercedes-Benz surpassed the sales figures of rival BMW in 2016. This achievement is a first in a decade for the former and is reason enough for Mercedes-Benz to rejoice as BMW has successfully outsold its Stuggart-based rival each year since 2005.

On Monday, Germany-based BMW shared that it had managed to sell nearly 2,003,359 cars which is a lower sales number than that of German rival Mercedes-Benz, which accounted for 2,083,888 vehicles.

It is ironic that Mercedes-Benz was able to outpace BMW in car sales only after Daimler, the former's parent company, began focusing on top-end cars that were stylish instead of chasing market share.

Mercedes-Benz Turns Things Around

In 2013, the company had to battle shareholder concerns about it lagging behind competing carmakers such as BMW, as well as Volkswagen AG's Audi. 

By integrating modifications in its vehicles that sport an impressive design, Mercedes-Benz has successfully been able to cement its place in the premium car market.

The automaker has also embraced newer technologies such as driverless locomotives. These aspects have undoubtedly fueled the company's growth rate and success module, helping it to stay on top. 

The notable change and transformation in the technological designs of Mercedes has brought the company back on level in terms of technological superiority. The carmaker is also trying to integrate a business practice which looks beyond manufacturing and selling cars.

Another aspect that has propelled the automaker forward steadily is its adaptation of a modified entrepreneurial mindset of quality over market share, which has helped expedite the company's profit rate growth. 

The Success Story

With Mercedes-Benz overtaking BMW in car sales, Daimler's CEO Dieter Zetsche, would be heaving a sigh of relief. 

On the company's 125th anniversary in 2011, Zetsche set the agenda of turning Mercedes into the best luxury carmaker in terms of its selling potential by 2020. Ironically, this was the same year when Audi overtook Mercedes's car sales. As a result, the luxury brand carmaker ended up into the third position. 

"Since then we worked hard and today we are leading or among the leaders when it comes to innovation, quality, design and security," said Zetsche.

Following its philosophy of "the best or nothing," the luxury carmaker is finally reaping the rewards of what the CEO says is "the logical consequence of careful preparation."

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