Optimus Prime transforms into an original PlayStation for the console's 20th birthday


What's cooler than Autobot leader Optimus Prime transforming into a massive truck? If he turned into a video game console, of course. And an old-school one no less.

As a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Transformers and the 20th anniversary of Sony's PlayStation debut, Takara Tomy (via io9) has crafted a magnificent looking Optimus Prime that transforms into the spitting image of an original PlayStation.

It's a thing of beauty. Sure, this robot in disguise won't actually play your old PlayStation games, but the attention to detail is astounding. All the necessary ports are featured on the back of the console and it even comes with a controller and memory card. At the very least you could fool people into thinking it was a real console, and then completely blow their mind when it turns into a robot. More things should turn into robots....

Also helping the figure is the fact that Optimus looks surprisingly cool with the PlayStation logo emblazoned on his chest, under his Autobot decal. It's a nerd dream come true in so many ways. The way the controller breaks in half to form his elbows. The way the controller cord plugs in to the back of the leg. It's all so perfectly stylized.

While we're at it, let's be honest: disguising yourself as a PlayStation is a way better method for staying undetected than turning into a giant truck. But then again, the Autobots and Decepticons never seem too concerned with letting the human world know. Sure he couldn't drive around the world as a console. Or fight, because he is so small. Okay, fine, the truck is a good idea.

That doesn't change the fact that video game console Transformers need to be a thing right now. Why can't every console transform into a robot? I wonder what the original Xbox Would look like...

Sadly, this real figure is currently only available in Japan and won't be released until February. If you are interested in picking it up, you could always import it for around $90. Otherwise you just pretend your PlayStation packed up in storage is a robot from another universe, waiting to be released. 


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