When the Uber app received a major makeover in November of last year, the ride-sharing service promised that it will be adding a feature to integrate the native calendar app of the smartphones of users.

Just a couple of months after, the feature is now being rolled out to Uber customers on iOS devices, offering an easier way to request for rides.

Calendar App Integration On Uber

Through a post in the Newsroom section of Uber's official website, the company announced that it has started rolling out the Calendar Shortcuts feature for the ride-sharing service's users.

The post mentioned that it is not ideal for users to have to dig through their messages and calendar entries to look for the address of their intended destination. To save Uber riders from the hassle, the Calendar Shortcuts feature will help in planning trips.

Users who have connected their Calendar app to the Uber app will be able to see the addresses of the locations of upcoming appointments or meetings that are stored in the Calendar. These destinations will appear on the lower portion of the Uber app's ride request screen, beside the usual Work and Home locations.

How To Use The Calendar Shortcuts Feature

For iOS device owners who are interested in trying out the Calendar Shortcuts feature, you will first need to integrate the Calendar app into the Uber app.

To do so, go to the Settings menu of the Uber app and then access the Calendar Events option. Alternatively, users can go to that particular option through the Calendar Shortcuts card that has been added to the Uber feed. Once there, the feature can be turned on by saying yes to the permission prompt that will pop up.

Once the Calendar Shortcuts feature is activated, appropriate shortcuts for destinations stored in the Calendar app will automatically be added on the Uber app's main screen.

However, to maximize the feature, users will be required to make sure that specific locations are stored in their Calendar app for their appointments and meetings. Users might not have to make much of an effort though, as the Calendar app is capable of pulling such information from the user's other apps.

This is made possible through machine learning, which Uber has been leveraging to make requesting rides more convenient for its users.

When Will Calendar Shortcuts Arrive On Android?

According to the Uber Newsroom post, the Calendar Shortcuts feature is coming soon to Android, without specifying a date for when it can be expected for Android device owners.

Integrating the Calendar app into the Uber app is another way that users share their data with Uber, which is why permission from users is required to activate the feature. Due to the stricter security of iOS devices compared to Android devices, Uber might still be working on how to make sure that the shared data is not compromised on Android smartphones.

Other Uber Updates

Earlier this week, Uber introduced the new Movement tool that allows users to access transportation data for several major cities. According to local officials, the tool might help decrease commute times and improve traffic flow.

In late December, Uber was forced to move the testing of its self-driving car project from San Francisco to Arizona after a disagreement with California's Department of Motor Vehicles.

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