UFO hunters are claiming that aliens are monitoring humans on the International Space Station (ISS). They have drawn this conclusion after mysterious lights were spotted via an astronaut's live camera.

The video that supposedly shows technologically advanced alien species observing ISS in low Earth orbit has gone viral, but its authenticity is circumspect.

"This amazing footage was shot from an astronaut's GoPro while outside the space station this week. The GoPro was hooked up directly with the live Internet link for all to see," shared Scott C. Waring, a well-known UFO blogger.

According to ET chasers, the footage was taken using a GoPro camera that was mounted outside the ISS. It is here that the alien spacecraft is seen taking an incredible 180-degree turn while flying close to the center.

Revelations By UFO Hunters

An astronaut who was out on a space odyssey apparently captured the video. The GoPro camera houses some of the finest features in terms of visual display and audio coverage. The advanced video stabilization lets one capture rare moments such as this in the best way possible.

The footage was uploaded by Just Gaz on YouTube on Jan. 5. Once uploaded, the video became quite popular, as it attracted the attention of viewers.

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have chanced across a mysterious alien intervention close to or having some connect with the ISS.

In July 2016, NASA allegedly cut ISS video feeds intentionally as a mysterious object — a UFO — was spotted descending from space.

In November 2015, an ISS astronaut posted a photo on Twitter that showed off a UFO-like object, spurning UFO hunters into action that it evidenced alien life.

Rumors And Speculations

Skeptics have debunked the claims made by UFO hunters and deem the video farcical. The video footage, in their opinion, is a mere reflection of light on camera lenses, such as lights from Earth, meteors in space, or possibly even man-made junk. Some believe that the video is not of aliens but simply debris.

UFO hunters, however, dismiss any such allegations. They believe there is ET life, and humans are being watched. They feel it is their duty, as well as that of the government, to not keep people in the dark about these facts.

They stress that humans are not alone in the universe and that the solar system is teeming with ETs who are busy conducting explorations in their advanced spacecrafts.

Skeptics, on the other hand, maintain that the footage is inaccurate and merely an image glitch and nothing more.

Opinions are divided, but you can judge for yourself by checking out the video below.

Photo: Flickr

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