According to a UFO blog, a presumptive alien event took place on the skies over Lecco, Lombardy, Italy, Nov. 2. A huge alien spacecraft was reported to have been seen in the sky as it released bright spheres. The alleged display of inter-dimensional UFO spacecraft technology created awe among the members of the UFO community.

Many of the enthusiasts declared that the sighting is tangible proof of the highly advanced technological discoveries and means of the extraterrestrial civilizations that are currently visiting our planet. Their argument goes more in depth than that, suggesting that the UFO spacecraft technology belongs to a very evolved and benevolent alien species named Pleiadians or Nordic aliens, according to the ufologists.

Giuseppe Filipponi was the person who witnessed the bizarre event in the sky. He took images of the flying saucer before the spacecraft vanished into the skies, and shared them with Gabriele Tim, who published the photos on the Facebook page Alertaperiodismoalternativo, according to UFO Sightings Hotspot.

The images went viral and currently receives thousands of views from people around the world, both skeptics and believers.

While skeptic voices state that it's a work of Photoshop and nothing more, the enthusiasts have already integrated the alleged sighting within their theories.

Theories Of The Alleged Extraterrestrial Sighting

The alien enthusiasts' explanation of the sighting was related to the bizarre number of 250 earthquakes that happened on Italy's territory since August. As the presumable proof of alien civilizations was spotted two days before the 6.4 M earthquake hitting Chile on Nov. 4, the sighting was explained to be related to the tectonic event.

According to ufologists and alien believers, it is not that uncommon for alien spaceships to be spotted before a big earthquake. Additionally, two days before the sighting, the strongest earthquake to have hit Italy in no less than 36 years took place, with a 6.6 M score.

The people passionate about these presumable occurrences are also creating hypotheses to explain the alien presence on the territory of Italy. According to their theories, the UFOs could be either monitoring the situation of the geological state of our planet or trying to give us a heads up concerning the earthquakes following their visits.

"Photoshop is such a wonderful thing," one of the skeptics commented on the photos posted on Facebook.

However, the UFO hunters never ceased to seek for an explanation for the occurrence, and tried to explain the Pleiadians' link with the place of the sighting and the quakes. The civilization of alien researchers is supposed to be a humanoid species that originated on planet Erra; their intentions are supposed to be positive and nurturing, and their technology presumably allows them to travel the galaxy in the attempt to let us know about the horrid earthquakes taking place on Earth.

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