Have you ever dreamt of taking a voyage to the outer space? If you answered yes, then thanks to a new initiative from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, visitors will be able to experience space travel virtually.

Delaware North, which operates the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, has partnered with Brand VR to create a virtual reality headset dubbed the Space Visor which can be paired with the visitor's smartphone to recreate the experience of space travel.

The Space Visor VR headset took nearly two years to create and is available for use at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

"At [the] Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex we create immersive space experiences for our visitors," says Therrin Protze the COO.

He added that this device is aimed at giving visitors an unparalleled experience.

Space Visor

The Space Visor has been designed so that a user can experience the VR world with ease. The device is compatible with most smartphones released after 2015, such as the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6.

"Space Visor immerses visitors in a virtual reality experience that takes them to restricted access areas in a virtual world that brings space artifacts to life," notes the device's description.

The VR headset comes in three different variants — Astronaut, Exploration, and Atlantis — and can be used with three different Android or iOS apps i.e. Space Dreams, KSC 360 Expedition, and Edge of Home.

KSC 360 Expedition

This app conducts a virtual tour of the visitor complex. It gives information on all the rockets in the Rocket Garden, as well as offers a view of Atlantis, the Space Shuttle in orbit.

Visitors can also explore the moon's surface by hitching a ride in the lunar rover!

Space Dreams

This app is designed to reflect a child's bedroom that has a galaxy-themed décor. With Space Dreams, visitors will not only get a peek into space but also get information on the solar system, spacesuit, and the Mars Rover.

Edge Of Home

With this app, visitors will be able to experience how an astronaut sees the International Space Station (ISS). They can do so by simply taking part in an EVA activity or spacewalk, which will give them the opportunity to garner more in-depth knowledge of each module.

All the three apps are free for download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. However, the Space Visor VR headset needs to be purchased and will set visitors back by $60.

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