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Eating French Fries Frequently Can Double Your Death Risk: Study

A new study revealed that regular consumption of fried potato products can lead to higher death risk. Frequent consumption of french fries can also cause early deaths.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 14, 2017

Sony Sells More Than 60 Million PlayStation 4 Units Worldwide

Sony revealed that it sold 60.4 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide. The company also shared that it sold 487.8 million copies of games through its retail and digital stores.

Business Tech June 13, 2017

Curiosity Rover Finds Evidence Of Different Environments On Mars

A wide variety of mineral deposits were found in layers of sedimentary rocks collected from the base of Mount Sharp. The different minerals point toward presence of diverse environment in Mars’ early days.

Space June 13, 2017

Authorities Preparing To Drain Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool: Here's Why

The National Park Services will drain and clean the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. The authorities decided to undertake this step after 80 ducks were reported dead.

Public Health June 11, 2017

ULA Wasn't Given The Opportunity To Bid Against SpaceX For Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane's Upcoming Launch

ULA has claimed that it was not given a fair chance to bid for the launch contract of U.S. Air Force’s X-37B miniature space plane. The contract was awarded to Elon Musk owned Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX.

Space June 10, 2017

SpaceX To Launch X-37B Space Plane For U.S. Air Force

SpaceX bagged the contract to launch the unmanned X-37B, its fifth mission to the outer space. United Launch Alliance launched the X-37B space plane for U.S. Air Force.

Space June 8, 2017

Want Your Baby To Sleep Longer? Make The Infant Sleep In Their Own Room

A new study recommended that parents do not share their beds with babies. The researchers advised parents to stop sharing the bed after the baby was six months to reduce the infant’s poor sleep.

Public Health June 7, 2017

iOS 11's Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature Detects When You Are In A Moving Car

Apple's iOS 11 would integrate the Do Not Disturb While Driving mode. This feature was designed to mute all notifications and calls upon detecting that the driver is behind the wheel, preventing distraction.

Apple June 6, 2017

ABC News Faces $5.7 Billion Lawsuit Over 'Pink Slime' Story

South Dakota meat processing company Beef Products Inc. accused ABC News of misreporting and causing intentional harm to the firm and its employees. The meat company sued ABC News for $5.7 billion in damages.

Business Tech June 6, 2017

Manhattan Doctor Arrested For Writing Unnecessary Painkiller Prescriptions Worth $20 Million

Manhattan based 81-year old Dr. Martin Tesher was arrested on charges of unnecessary distribution of painkillers. The police stated that Dr. Tesher prescribed more than 14,000 oxycodone pain pills to his patients.

Public Health June 6, 2017

Target Ad Confirms Gold PS4 Slim 1TB Special Edition For $250

A Target advert listing the gold PS4 Slim 1 TB Special Edition leaked online. The advertisement listed the gold variant of the console's price as $250.

Video Games June 5, 2017

Boost Mobile Sweetens Galaxy S8 Deal: Samsung's Off-Contract Flagship Available For $520

Boost Mobile launched a new offer for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The off-contract Galaxy S8 will be discounted to $520 as part of the limited period promotion.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 4, 2017

UNESCO Wants Australia To Act Urgently To Save Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO urged the Australian government to beef up efforts save the Great Barrier Reef from complete damage. The reef's coral underwent several mass bleaching events and are in danger of becoming extinct.

Earth/Environment June 4, 2017

Curiosity Rover Finds Ancient Lake On Mars That Could Have Supported Life

The Curiosity rover found that an ancient Martian lake may have supported life more than 3 million years ago. The lake could have been the stronghold of microbes.

Space June 2, 2017

Are We Alone On Earth? Bigelow Aerospace Founder Convinced Of 'ET Presence' On The Planet

Bigelow Aerospace’s founder Robert Bigelow shared in an interview that alien life exists on the Earth itself. He also revealed that commercial space agencies would pave the path for human settlement in space.

Space June 1, 2017

Endangered Blue Whale Dies After Colliding With A Ship: Carcass Washes Ashore On A Northern California Beach

A 79-foot blue whale carcass washed ashore on Northern California's Agate Beach on May 26. Scientists and experts stated that the whale died because it collided with a ship.

Animals May 29, 2017

Falcon 9 Static Fire Test Sparks Brush Fire Near Launchpad 39A

The static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket started a four-acre brush fire on May 28. The Falcon 9 rocket will be used to lift of the Dragon resupply spacecraft to the International Space Station on Thursday, June 1.

Space May 29, 2017

Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update Improves Battery Life, Optimizes Touch Functionality, And More

Microsoft rolled out a system update for its Surface Pro 4 laptop-tablet hybrid. The update not only improves the device’s stability and touch functionality, but also enhances the Surface Pro 4’s battery life when it is in Sleep Mode.

Microsoft May 28, 2017

OnePlus Introduces A Referral Program Ahead Of OnePlus 5's Launch: Here's How You Can Gain By Referring Others

OnePlus introduced a new referral program where it provided smartphone owners with a link through which they can share and earn points. These points can be used toward free goodies or discounts on OnePlus purchases.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 27, 2017

US Honey Bee Colony Loss Improves: Beekeepers Lost Only 33 Percent Bees In A Year

A new survey revealed that honey bee colony losses are at the lowest in more than 10 years. The annual loss rate of honey bee colonies reduced from 40.5 percent in 2015-2016 to 33 percent in 2016-2017.

Animals May 26, 2017

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