NVIDIA has launched its NVIDIA Shield Android TV set top box and two of the most popular indie games of 2016 have also been launched for the device. One of the games is No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky is a space exploration and survival game, which has been developed by Hello Games. The game was hyped quite a bit before its release on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

The game promised a huge universe, better exploration techniques and unique planets and life forms. This was being claimed thanks to its top notch procedural engine.

However, in reality No Man's Sky was a disaster as it was full of bugs and errors. Many of the features promised by the developer were absent or incomplete. An update to the game added many of the elements but it could do little to revive the title. No Man's Sky is now referred to as a game which promised a lot but fell short of expectations.

No Man's Sky For NVIDIA Shield Android TV

No Man's Sky has now got a fresh lease of life and it has been released through GeForce Now and is available on Shield Android TV boxes. The Shield tablet and the Shield Portable, both will support the game. 

No Man's Sky does need a controller and when you purchase it from the Shield store, it provides a Steam digital code which is required to activate the game.

Priced at $59, No Man's Sky will look to redeem itself and perform much better on the Shield Android platform.

The second independent game to be released on the Shield devices is called The Witness. This puzzle game developed by Jonathan Blow is based in a 3D universe, where the player needs to explore the secrets of a cryptic island and uncover them in order to escape. The game has garnered a lot of praise from the media and has become a best seller.

The Witness had previously been released for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Players can download and buy the game from the Google Play Store, at a price of $19.99. The gameplay requires a controller and the game itself requires a minimum free storage space of 3 GB.

It is interesting to see how well these two games will fare on the NVIDIA Android Shield TV, as both the games have got polar reactions. One had been shunned by the gaming community and the other embraced with warm hearts.

No Man's Sky will look to woo players again, with an improved universe and bug-free interface. The Witness, on the other hand, will look to be equally popular on this console, as it was in the PC and PlayStation 4.

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