As you know, the new Nvidia Shield TV made its debut during CES 2017. If you are planning to get one, you're in luck because it is now available for purchase.

2016 vs. 2017 Nvidia Shield

For those not familiar about the new Shield Android TV, the device features roughly the same innards as its predecessor. Particularly, both devices are outfitted with the Tegra X1 system and sport the same design language.

Nvidia has also said that the old Shield will also get the Android Nougat update and possibly all the apps that the new Shield will ship with.

So, while Nvidia is saying that it is a streaming beast that can offer as much as three times more speed than its closest competitor, it cannot claim the same when compared with the old Shield TV.

Game-Changing Device

There are, however, key propositions that could validate Nvidia's claim that the streaming box is a game-changing device.

First, there are the additional features that establish Nvidia's ambition to enable the current and future Shield TVs to become not only streaming devices, but also one that can control your smart home.

The new streaming functionality that Nvidia is introducing in the new Shield TV is important because it reinforces the device's push to become a gaming platform. You will now have a radically reworked game controller, which appeared to have the most work done out of all the new Shield's components.

There is also the improved streaming capability to ensure seamlessly streamed gaming experience.

Nvidia's Smart Ambition

Another notable feature is the Shield's smart credentials. A microphone has been embedded in the controller so it can support the Google Assistant feature.

A dedicated peripheral called Shield Spot is also being sold separately that will work with the Shield TV. It can be installed anywhere at home and its ambient microphone can pick up your Google commands, which is then beamed to the Shield box via Wi-Fi for processing and execution.

Nvidia also seems to be setting its sights on tapping smart appliances with the new Shield's support for SmartThings smart home hub.

In a way, therefore, the new Shield TV is a powerful and highly ambitious product for Nvidia. It not only offers new and varying benefits for consumers, but it also underpins how Nvidia intends to move forward from an exclusively media device to one that also dabbles in the realm of Internet-of-Things.

You can purchase the Shield TV at the Nvidia website. It is also available in other retailers and costs $200. The Shield Pro has a heftier price, retailing for $300.

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