Microsoft's goal while building the Surface Pro 4 was to come up with a tablet that could replace the laptop. In some respects, the device was able to do just that. It was compact enough to be lugged around anywhere, and powerful enough to be used like a laptop. But it was sorely lacking in the battery department.

Surface Pro 5 Launch

With Microsoft about to launch a new Surface Pro this year, speculations are rife on what the latest model will have to offer, with many saying that the newest Surface Pro would be a serious upgrade compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4.

Since the Surface Pro 4 was launched in October 2015, people had begun expecting the Surface Pro 5 to launch in October 2016. Instead, the company unveiled only the Surface Book i7 and the Surface Studio last year. If the company is indeed projecting a first quarter launch, then the Surface Pro 5 could make an appearance at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Faster Processor

Most of the speculations say that the new Surface Pro would feature either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor or an Intel Kaby Lake chipset. If the Snapdragon processor is used, this will address the battery life problems that have beset the Surface Pro 3, and go along with the addition of LTE.

However, take note that Intel already unveiled its seventh generation chipset at the recently concluded CES 2017. Also, since Microsoft has always positioned the Surface Pro series as portable devices that have desktop power, a Kaby Lake processor would perhaps be the more logical choice.

Having the Intel chip will make the newest iteration of the Surface Pro significantly faster, and will offer users a longer battery life. The power-efficient nature of the Kaby Lake processor will result in an improved battery life for the Surface Pro.

Rechargeable Stylus

The Surface Pen used in the Surface Pro 4 is said to have been redesigned to feel more like a pencil, making it easier to grip and use. After Patently Mobile came out with a report that Microsoft applied for a patent, it now appears that the stylus that will come with the Surface Pro 5 will support wireless charging through a magnetic dock.

Improved Ports

Aside from faster processor speeds and better battery life, you can also expect an upgrade in the ports department, where the Surface Pro 4's USB 3.0 port will be replaced with USB Type-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 support.

Of course, at this point, these snazzy specs remain but Surface Pro 5 rumors. It's still best to take things with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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