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Nature Itself Reeks With Signs Of Global Warming

Scientists said people could see the impacts of global warming by observing how nature behaves. The untimely springs and delayed falls, the early arrivals of birds, and the unexpected blooming of wildflowers could signal the effects of rising temperature.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

‘Oases’ Of 38 Coral Reefs Repel Impacts Of Climate Change

An international team of scientists discovered what they called as an “oases” of coral reefs. Specifically, the team found 38 communities of corals that are resilient to damaging impacts of climate change.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

Sea Level Flooding Could Threaten Over 300,000 Homes In The United States, Study Says

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a study that showcased 16 states could be in danger of constant flooding due to rising sea levels. They also predicted that the constant flooding could last 30 years.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

Experts Argue That Paying People To Work Less And Consume Less Can Save The Environment

The idea of universal basic income is that a financial payment from the government is given to every citizen. The people will feel less obligated to consume more as a reward for their hard work.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Hint How Climate Change May Lead To Mass Extinction Events

The extinction of marine organisms in the Early Jurassic Period occurred after powerful volcanic eruptions sent large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What does this tell about modern-day climate change?

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Loss Of Coral Reefs May Cause Extreme Flooding: Here's How To Save The World's Natural Breakwaters

Coral reefs can help save the world from the devastating effects of ocean storms but managing them is still a big challenge for most countries. Here's the best way to protect the world's natural breakwaters.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Climate Change And Drought Killing Trees Around The World Including The Ancient Baobabs Of Africa

Increasing temperatures and drought are killing trees worldwide. Species of trees impacted by climate change include the sequoias, pine trees, and possibly, the iconic baobab trees of Africa.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Climate Change May Lead To Decline In Global Vegetable Supply, Says New Study

If nothing is done about climate change, yields of legume crops could fall by as much as a third in 2050. To prevent this, researchers say we must find improvements in agriculture.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Oldest And Largest Baobab Trees In Africa Are Dying From Climate Change

The largest and oldest Baobab trees in Africa, if not already dead, are currently dying. The researchers don’t have enough data to point out a culprit, but they believe it’s climate change.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

New Method Can Reduce Cost Of Direct Air Capture Carbon Dioxide Removal Technology

Scientists found a way to reduce the costs of carbon dioxide removal in the air. Using a technique called direct air capture, industrial coolants can convert carbon gas into synthetic fuel.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2018

Alien Apocalypse: Model Reveals How Climate Change Impacts Energy-Intense Civilizations

Using a computer model based on a lost civilization in Easter Island, researchers predicted what could happen to energy-intense alien civilizations like ours. Three of the trajectories ended in the apocalypse.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2018

Climate Change Is Slowing Down Hurricanes 10 Percent And Making Them Drop More Rain

Climate change is affecting storms on the planet, hurricanes will now be moving at a slower rate than decades ago. This will create more flooding as hurricanes will not pass areas at a faster rate.

Earth/Environment June 6, 2018

Scientists Estimate The Carbon Footprint Of 13,000 Cities

A new study was able to estimate the carbon footprint of 13,000 cities from across the world. Researchers found that the top 100 cities may be able to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment May 31, 2018

Scientists Say That Zombie Ants Are Adapting To Climate Change

Researchers believe that zombie ants have adapted to climate change. The ones in warmer climates bite down on leaves and the ones in temperate climates bite down on twigs.

Animals May 29, 2018

Great Barrier Reef Has Died 5 Times But May Not Survive A Sixth Death

A study found that the Great Barrier Reef previously died for five times but was resilient enough to resurrect itself. With its current form, however, the reef may be incapable of doing the same if it encounters another death.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2018

Huge Canyons Discovered Under Antarctica: What Happens If Ice Melts Due To Climate Change?

Scientists discovered huge canyons underneath the ice of Antarctica. The discovery would help experts understand how ice responded to past environmental factors. They could, therefore, predict how these ice sheets will react in response to climate change at present.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2018

Rice Loses B Vitamins, Other Nutrients Because Of Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels

The expected concentration of carbon dioxide by the second half of the century may reduce the nutritional value of rice. More malnutrition may occur in countries that depend on it for energy and protein.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 24, 2018

Sekisei Lagoon: Only 1 Percent Of Japan's Biggest Coral Reef Is Healthy Because Of Climate Change

Bleaching events linked to warmer water temperatures killed corals at Sekisei Lagoon, Japan's largest coral reef. Only 1.4 percent of the lagoon is now in healthy condition.

Earth/Environment May 23, 2018

China's Xi Jinping Urges Tight Industrial Pollution Policies During Eco Boost Summit

President Xi Jinping said China’s efforts to curb the effects of pollution are not enough to attain a sustainable progress. According to WHO, pollution levels in the country's major cities rose to a record high.

Earth/Environment May 22, 2018

April 2018 Was The 400th Consecutive Warmer-Than-Average Month Due To Global Warming

Earth just had its 400th consecutive warmer-than-average month due to global warming in April 2018. This April was also the third warmest April on record.

Earth/Environment May 17, 2018

Scientists Study 'Sunburn' In Rocks To Discover 45,000-Year-Old Changes In The Greenland Ice Stream

Researchers found that environmental events during the past 45,000 years caused the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream to be smaller than what it currently is. Climate change is now taking its toll on it.

Earth/Environment May 14, 2018

Trump Administration Shuts Down NASA's $10 Million Carbon Monitoring Program While CO2 Levels Soar

NASA will be shutting down its Carbon Monitoring System, which kept tracks of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Experts say that this move can make it harder to measure emissions in the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment May 14, 2018

Scientists Say Record Heat In The Gulf Of Mexico Supercharged Hurricane Harvey In 2017

A new study revealed that Hurricane Harvey was fueled by record heat in the Gulf of Mexico. The 2017 storm was the wettest tropical cyclone in U.S. history.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2018

Marine Protected Areas Face Risks Of Extinction Over Of Climate Change

Marine protected areas are under siege by no other than global warming. A startling new study predicts that most marine life won’t be able to adapt when drastic environmental changes occur over the next few decades.

Animals May 8, 2018

Carbon Footprint Caused By Global Tourism Is Harmful For The Environment, 4 Times Higher Than Previous Estimates

Global tourism may be good for obtaining life experiences but a study found it to be hurting the planet. It turns out that global tourism produces a large carbon footprint which can hurt smaller countries.

Earth/Environment May 7, 2018

Carbon Dioxide In Atmosphere Is Highest In 800,000 Years: Here Are The Top Sources Of Emission

The concentration of planet-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is highest in the last 800,000 years. Here are the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions, according to EPA.

Earth/Environment May 5, 2018

Earth’s Atmosphere Surpasses Another Climate Change Threshold In Recorded History

Through the Keeling Curve system under the Scripps CO2 program, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii saw Earth surpassing another climate change threshold. The month of April recorded exceedingly 410 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment May 4, 2018

Massive 'Dead Zone' The Size Of Florida Has Just Been Discovered In The Arabian Sea

Researchers from the University of East Anglia just discovered that a 'dead zone' has grown to the size of Florida because of climate change. It is located in the Gulf of Oman near the Arabian Sea.

Earth/Environment May 1, 2018

Australia Commits $500 Million To Save Great Barrier Reef From Climate Change

The federal government of Australia is allocating half a billion dollars to save the Great Barrier Reef from climate change and other threats. Here's how this funding will be used to save the world's largest coral reef system.

Earth/Environment April 29, 2018

Increasing Amount Of Carbon Dioxide In Atmosphere May Lead To Drier Amazon, Wetter Africa And Indonesia

Increasing amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere can alter the way plants absorb carbon dioxide and release water vapor. How can this process result in a drier Amazon rainforest and wetter woodlands in Indonesia and Africa?

Earth/Environment April 28, 2018

Potable Groundwater Will Be Unavailable On Majority of Atoll Islands by Mid-21st Century

A team of experts from different environmental organizations said that groundwater resources on low-lying atoll islands will become unavailable by mid-2030s to 2060s due to the combination of factors brought by climate change.

Earth/Environment April 26, 2018

Microplastics And Seal Breathing Holes: Arctic Ocean Faces Graver Threats On Pollution And Climate Change

The Arctic Ocean faces possible near-permanent contamination as scientists collected record high of microplastics. Meanwhile, NASA explained that the ice holes found in Beaufort Sea could be more than just breathing holes but effects of warmer temperatures.

Earth/Environment April 26, 2018

Climate Change Causes Bird Chicks To Hatch Late Leaving Them Starving

Climate change causes warmer springs that lead birds such as the great tits, the blue tits, and pied flycatcher hatching too late to catch their main food source. Global warming also affects the food supply of other species.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2018

Senate Confirms Jim Bridenstine As NASA Administrator 7 Months After Appointment

The U.S. space agency has welcomed a new administrator after Senate has approved Rep. Jim Bridenstine’s appointment on April 20. Bridenstine has a controversial stand on climate change.

Space April 20, 2018

Climate Change Affecting Food Chains In The Ocean, Reducing Number Of Fish

Climate change is now altering life in the ocean by affecting the food chains of the animals inside of it. Due to climate change there could be fewer fish in the sea.

Animals April 19, 2018

Oceanic Changes That Propelled Mass Extinction 252 Million Years Ago Resemble Effects Of Climate Change Today

Scientists from the Arizona State University found that oceanic environmental changes, which had taken place in the years before the Permian-Triassic mass extinction were similar to the oceanic conditions brought by climate change today.

Earth/Environment April 18, 2018

Early Homo Sapiens Who Lived In Prehistoric Rock Shelter Left Clues How Humans Can Survive Climate Change

Archaeologists, who studied ancient tools, ornaments, and human remains in the prehistoric rock shelter Riparo Bombrini, discovered how early homo sapiens survived a climate-changing supervolcano eruption This discovery offered clues how humans can survive climate change.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2018

Atlantic Ocean Current Slowing Down Due To Global Warming: Here's What Could Happen

The conveyor belt of the ocean regulates global temperatures, which means the slowing down of the Atlantic Ocean current could have devastating effects. Here's what could happen with weak AMOC circulation.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2018

Atlantic Ocean Circulation Is At Its Lowest Point In 1,500 Years Due To Climate Change

Climate change is playing a major role in the slowing down of the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean. This disruption in circulation patterns could change the lives of people on both sides of the Atlantic.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2018

Spring Allergy Season 2018 Starts Earlier, Pollen Count Hits Record High In Some Regions

Data reflected different pollen concentration while experts observed the varying length of spring allergy season in the United States. The consistency was noticed in the past years and persisted with climate change.

Public Health April 12, 2018

Urbanization Linked To Shorter, Intense Wet Seasons In Florida

Most cities in Florida experienced shorter but intense rainy season. Scientists from Florida States University suggested that the continued urban growth affected the state's local climate.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2018

Big Renewable Push: Apple's Global Facilities Now Running On 100 Percent Clean Energy

Apple Inc. is now powered with 100 percent reusable energy. This major step is a push toward its commitment to combat climate change and create a healthier environment.

Energy April 11, 2018

Snowfall Increase In Antarctica Over The Last 200 Years Worries Scientists About The Rise Of Sea Levels

A new study shows that the amount of snowfall seen in Antarctica has increased over the last two centuries. This worries scientists who see that this increased snowfall could lead to a rise in sea levels.

Earth/Environment April 9, 2018

Antarctica's Underwater Ice Is Retreating 5 Times Faster Than Previously Thought

Climate change has already been known to be affecting Earth's global regions but not at this rate. The underwater ice in Antarctica is now retreating five times faster than previously thought.

Earth/Environment April 3, 2018

The Sahara Desert Is Expanding Partly Because Of Climate Change

Climate change and natural climate cycles contribute to the expansion of the Sahara desert, which has grown by about 10 percent since 1920. What are the potential consequences of this phenomenon?

Earth/Environment March 30, 2018

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