Samsung is set to reveal on Jan. 23 the results of its investigation into what caused the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire and explode.

According to a source, Samsung has pinpointed the batteries of the device as the reason behind the explosions, with the hardware and software of the smartphone not involved in the controversial defect of the Galaxy Note 7.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal, however, provides more detail on the results of the investigation by Samsung in advance of the company's official announcement next week.

Irregular Size, Manufacturing Problems Caused Galaxy Note 7 Battery Defects

According to the Wall Street Journal, the results of the investigation by Samsung found that some of the batteries manufactured for the Galaxy Note 7 were irregularly sized, and so they did not fit correctly into the space reserved for them within the smartphone. This resulted in overheating and the batteries exploding. In addition to irregular sizes, some of the batteries also ran into certain manufacturing problems, though the report did not specify what exactly these issues were.

Samsung used two kinds of batteries for the Galaxy Note 7, with one kind manufactured by its Samsung SDI affiliate and the other produced by Amperex Technology. Samsung initially thought that the defective batteries were coming from Samsung SDI, as the irregular sizes were discovered in preliminary investigations. However, after they decided to stop using Samsung SDI batteries on the Galaxy Note 7 and switched to the Chinese battery maker as its sole supplier after the initial recall program for the smartphone, the increase in production then led to manufacturing problems that resulted in the second recall program.

The findings were finalized after Samsung worked with at least three quality-control and supply-chain analysis companies in the investigation.

What Now For Samsung?

According to the report, Samsung is implementing a more detailed testing method for its products to prevent another debacle like what it suffered through for the Galaxy Note 7. The improved regimen will increase inspection levels and quality assurances, and has received positive responses when it was presented to authorities in Washington.

It was also previously reported that Samsung will make sure that the Galaxy S8 will not suffer the same fate as the Galaxy Note 7 by utilizing thermal pipes within the upcoming flagship smartphone to distribute rising temperatures across the body of the smartphone and prevent overheating.

This is the same technology that LG will be using in its own upcoming flagship device, the LG G6, which the company has promised to be safe from overheating issues.

LG's pushing of the safety credentials of the LG G6 is a new trend in the smartphone industry, as manufacturers promise consumers that they will not have to worry about their devices suddenly exploding and catching fire.

The stigma left behind by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is real, and it remains to be seen whether Samsung will be able to recover from the controversy and attract customers to its brand once again through the Galaxy S8.

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