November is here. Men from many parts of the world will be observing Movember, a month-long annual event that involves participants growing a mustache to bring awareness on men's health issues.

Another purpose of the campaign is to raise money for related causes, such as funding research on prostate and testicular cancers. Last year, more than 969,188 men all over the world participated in Movember Foundation's campaign, raising $120 million in funds for men's health.

Movember U.S. director Mark Hedstrom said that the annual event aims to promote discussions about men's health. Mo Bros, as the participants of the campaign are called, can explain the reason why they are growing a mustache then create a conversation focused on men's health while helping to raise funds for the causes that the Movember Foundation supports.

"What we're asking them to do is participate by changing their appearance. What that fosters is a conversation," Hedstrom said.

For men who will participate in this year's campaign, Movember's official rule says that you need to start with a freshly shaven face at the start of the month, then grow out a mustache until Nov. 30.

"Men grow real mustaches for Movember," reads the Movember Foundation site. "Thin and wispy or thick and full -- the size of a Mo doesn't matter as long as you play by the official: no beards or goatees."

The rule may seem easy but sporting a mustache for a whole month can be challenging for some men. Movember has shared a Movember Style Guide that should help Mo Bros in choosing the kind of mustache that they would want to grow and groom for the month.

The foundation also encouraged men to invest in tools that they need for grooming their mustache, which include a pair of barber scissors, a set of clippers, a fine-toothed combed, a large mirror and a razor. Movember likewise encourages Mo Bros to do the campaign with their friends, family and co-workers.

Rob McMillen from Movember-certified barber shop Blind Barber offered some tips to men who will participate in this year's Movember event.

"In general we just try to tell the guys to be patient. And don't over-groom," McMillen said. "A lot of guys that are trying to let a mustache come in tend to get a little impatient and give up halfway through, or try to adjust a little too much on their own. You've just got to be patient and have some confidence with it."

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