Microsoft has been introducing changes to the PC via the Creators Update for Windows 10 so those launched around this period until its final release in spring are no longer novelties for the tech world.

Microsoft, however, created quite a stir when Xbox announced that the first wave of Creators Update has landed on the console Jan. 23, with the bulk of changes to be made available on the platform's Insider Program in the coming weeks.

"We're targeting hundreds of improvements across the board, noticeable by gamers and under the hood," Scott Henson, group program manager for Xbox Partner, said in a statement. "Today's update will start rolling out to a small subset of gamers, with the rest of the Xbox Insider Program receiving these features in the coming weeks."

Creators Update For Xbox

For Windows 10, the Creators Update is all about creativity, security, sharing, and collaboration. For Xbox One, on the other hand, the big update is all about performance, people, competition, and streaming to enhance overall gaming performance.

The first tranche of changes introduced in the new build offer a sneak peek at these objectives. They collectively work to provide a streamlined experience and pave the way for added functionalities that should help establish what Xbox touts as more competitive gameplay.

Xbox Home Improvements

Xbox first highlighted the change to the Xbox Home panel. Those lucky gamers who are able to install the update must have noticed the reworked user interface, which is underpinning the shift in the system's look and feel.

Particularly, the update has simplified processes, eliminating buttons and steps that clutter the way for gamers to reach a destination or accomplish tasks. In addition, Xbox touts the tweak that now allows contents that are more valuable to players to surface on the main tile.

Useful options for the Game Hub, Club, and LFG are also now accessible through the small icons located at the top right corner of the dedicated tiles.

Overall, the enhancements to the UI are meant to make usability and performance optimized.

All About People

The Creators Update for Xbox is also designed to make the console more people friendly. For example, the new firmware will be introducing a Copilot feature where two controllers are recognized as one. According to Henson, this will allow gamers to better help those new to the platform. Copilot can ensure that assistance is more effective, making Xbox more inviting for people.

Some sources have also noted changes that the Xbox announcement did not cover. For example, Engadget observed that the update has enabled faster recording of video clips and how the achievement tracker help players monitor their progress.

Henson also cited how the update will introduce more options over time. This is expected to appeal to gamers who want more customizations. There are several other changes coming such as the enhancements to Cortana, the Blu-ray player bitstream, Beam Streaming, new spatial audio output settings, and easy update process, among others.

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