WhatsApp For iPhone Gets Increased Media Sharing Limit And Queued Messages Without Internet


WhatsApp for iPhone got a neat new update that finally increases the media sharing limit and allows users to queue messages when they don't have an internet connection.

Keep in mind that queuing messages has absolutely nothing to do with the WhatsApp scam that has been circulating recently, touting "free internet without Wi-Fi." While that was just a ruse tricking users into installing and spreading malware without actually offering anything good, the ability to queue messages is official and it's been available on Android for a good while now.

Queue Messages On WhatsApp For iPhone

Most WhatsApp users already know that the messaging app requires an active internet connection to work its magic, but it's not entirely useless without internet either. You still can't actually send messages without an internet connection, but at least with the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone you can hit "send" when you don't have a connection and the message will be delivered when you're connected to the internet again.

Higher Media Sharing Limit

The latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone also increases the limit for media files users can share. Previously, one could only send a maximum of 10 photos or videos at a time, but the update now bumps up the limit to 30 in one go.

WhatsApp has also been testing the increased file sharing limit with a recent Android beta, but the feature is not officially out for all Android users just yet. This means that iPhone users get to try the increased media file sharing limit first, since on Android it's still in beta.

The updated WhatsApp for iOS app also touts a redesigned Storage Usage screen that should now be more useful. More specifically, the new Storage Usage screen now allows users to see which individual conversation or group chat is taking up the most storage space and to delete the content of each conversation in order to free up some more storage.

Improved Storage Usage Feature

Before this update, the Storage Usage screen did show which conversations and group chats hoarded the most storage, but users had to clear specific chats from the chat window. Having the option to delete content straight from the Storage Usage screen now makes it easier and more convenient.

Moreover, users can now choose the specific file types they want to delete - text, images, videos, GIFs and so on - from selected chats so they can clear some data and leave the rest untouched. To take advantage of this neat new option, head over to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage and easily delete all unnecessary files that take up space on your iPhone.

The new WhatsApp for iOS version 2.17.1 is available for download now and it's compatible with iPhones running iOS 7 or higher. The update weighs in at 91.2 MB.

Lastly, WhatsApp is also expected to add the ability to edit or recall sent messages, but the feature is not included with the latest update. The option is still in testing in the WhatsApp iPhone beta program so it may take a bit longer until it's ready for public release.

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