Nvidia has released the latest Nvidia GeForce 378.49 drivers, and they are primarily aimed at ensuring that your computing rig is up to snuff when playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Gaming Optimization

According to the company, the 378.49 WHQL, which is being touted as a game-ready driver, will optimize gaming experience and will also prep your system so it can support VR content.

"Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major new releases, including Virtual Reality games," Nvidia said. "Prior to a new title launching, our driver team is working up until the last minute to ensure every performance tweak and bug fix is included for the best gameplay on day 1."

Aside from Resident Evil 7, the game-ready drivers have all been optimized for upcoming titles such as Conan Exiles Early Access, which is shipping on Jan. 31, as well as the For Honor closed beta.

Nvidia also stated that the drivers has enabled more scalable link interface profiles for several titles, which include Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, and nine others.

Aside from the game optimizations, the 378.49 drivers have also added support for the notebook versions of the GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050i. What this means is that devices with these GPUs will now get optimized as well, benefitting from the drivers's new features.

Bug Fixes

Nvidia also included a number of bug fixes to the 378.49 drivers. For example, in Windows 10, gamers using the GeForce Titan X will no longer encounter the random flashes that disrupt Just Cause 3 gameplay. Expect the drivers to address issues in Battlefield 1 as well, including the texture flickering cases when using the SLI mode.

There are numerous other bug fixes covering different GPUs within the Windows 7, 8, and 10 systems. Some observers point out that some of the most important issues addressed involve the black screens and driver resets that surfaced after the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update.

For a complete list, Nvidia has posted the comprehensive desktop release notes [PDF].

Driver Download And Installation

If you are raring to play Resident Evil 7 or any of the titles mentioned in this article, be sure to update your system first for enhanced gaming experience.

The process is quite simple. Just head to the Nvidia GeForce Experience utility and click the Download button there. It should be able to trigger the update. An alternative method entails heading to the Nvidia driver support web page. The site will automatically detect your GPU so you can easily download the appropriate driver. If the website fails to do this, just do a manual search and you will be good to go.

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