Despite the backlash that Samsung had to go through after the company was forced to recall the Note 7 late last year, there's still a lot of fans eagerly awaiting the launch of its newest flagship phone.

Early reports said that the phone will be launched at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but that has already been debunked by a Samsung executive. Samsung also had to deal with providing the public with an explanation as to why some of its Note 7 units exploded, which led to the recall.

The Samsung Galaxy 8: Here's What We Know So Far

Samsung's newest flagship phone will have a lot going for it. First off, instead of the usual 4 GB, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to have 6 GB of RAM. The extra bump in RAM can only mean one thing - a premium hardware will be needed to power up the phone. The Galaxy S8 will probably be the first Android phone to have the much-hyped Snapdragon 835 chipset. This is because Samsung helped Qualcomm build the 10nm chipset.

Powerful Processor

As a result of the long-standing collaboration between the two tech companies, Samsung will get first dibs on the newest Qualcomm processor. This is certainly bad news for the LG G6 as it nears its launch in MWC, as well as the other flagship phones that will launch ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8. These phones will have to use a slightly older SoC, such as the Snapdragon 821.

Improved Design

Aside from its mighty processor, another highlight of the phone will be the design. It is expected that the company will continue with the metal and glass curved design; however, the new Galaxy flagship will probably have a lot more screen real estate with the removal of the home button and the pared-down top and bottom bezels.

The bezels will be so narrow that the fingerprint scanner will be placed on the phone's back. There will also be an iris scanner that's similar to the one on the Note 7, and an artificial intelligence called "Bixby" that can recognize objects through the phone's camera. The phone will also be VR-ready and will support headsets such as the Samsung Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera.

In an earlier Tech Times report, we said that the flagship will probably cost around $900. So will the new phone be worthy of wait and price tag? Many pundits think so. Samsung has been busy the last couple of months trying to recover some of the trust and confidence it lost with the Note 7 debacle, and it is making sure that all of the phone's bases have been covered by the time it launches by late March or early April.

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