Square Enix is gearing up to boost its presence in the gaming industry. Reports have shown that the game developer is currently undertaking a new gaming platform with a complete storyline and one of the noted segment is the Avengers game.

Square Enix Working With Marvel

The firepower of the game is more than enough to outpace other games released on the tech block. However, the development of the game was a surprising one for the gaming enthusiasts. The integration of a complete storyline for Marvel's game is something that was not foreseen by the gaming enthusiasts.

Square Enix will share a new concept, but at the same time, it will retain its link with the comics, movies, and television segments so that the Marvel legacy would still be maintained. Moreover, Square Enix will incorporate a new setup since the Avengers game would include "lesser tie-ins."

Square Enix is working on the specs and features of the "Avengers Project" segment and the gaming platform would be one of a kind and different from the other Marvel franchise.

Details About The Game

Another report reveals that the partnership that was formed between Square Enix and Marvel was an unprecedented one. It spawned a lot of attention from the tech enthusiasts. To prove the latter, a teaser trailer with Thor's hammer and an Iron Man gauntlet on board was released.

A voice was also heard stating that "the world will always need heroes." As for the other specs and features of the Avengers game, Square Enix and Marvel have not disclosed more details about it. Meanwhile, additional reports convey that the deal between the two segments was to create a multi-game series.

Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal Working With Marvel And Square Enix

Other firms involved in the project includes Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal. Crystal Dynamics is known for developing Tomb Raider. Jay Ong, Senior Vice President, Games & Innovation, Marvel Entertainment stated that working with the Avengers project is a perfect example of how Marvel is strengthening its presence in the gaming industry.

Ong also added that the partnership with Square Enix is a vital one and significantly needed to achieve optimum results for Marvel's game. On a different note, as for the release date of the gaming platform, claims have surfaced that it would come out by 2018 but no affirmative details have been confirmed by either Square Enix or Marvel.

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