'Final Fantasy XV' Glitch Lets Players Explore Unused Areas Of Niflheim [Video]


The worldbuilding that went into Final Fantasy XV, the fifteenth installment to the popular Final Fantasy series, is nothing short of spectacular. Environments feel expansive — eclipsing mile after mile of freeways, lakes, mountains, and beyond.

But the title's final act, which, instead of letting players roam the free, open world, merely allowed them to transfix their gaze on the vastness of it all, barred from setting foot on the glory of Final Fantasy XV's sprawling world. However, a just-discovered glitch changes that form of gatekeeping.

Final Fantasy XV Glitch

As depicted in a video uploaded by YouTube channel Fotm Hero, the glitch allows the player to roam freely across a massive landscape, replete with beaches and towns, alongside a savannah and a frozen tundra. The video traverses seven areas only glossed over in discussion or seen in the game. Thanks to the glitch, places such as Cartanica and Tenebrae were also available to explore on foot.

Of course, as the area is off the main game's bounds, there's not much to do besides gallivant aimlessly, but fans have a theory that the discovered landscape could allude to the game's upcoming DLC.

Getting to the out-of-bounds landscape, however, can be a bit tricky, though not impossible. To do this, players must first acquire a disc version of the game sans any updates. Then, a certain train station must be reached at a late point in the game. From there, a few maneuvers could land the player off the shackles of the game's default linearity and wander unrestrictedly across the world of Niflheim.

Unused Open World To Be Used In Upcoming DLC?

To reiterate, there's not much to do in the terrain except maybe sightsee. There are mountains, fields, and stunning sceneries deserving of revere, but there are no enemies to combat, no quests to pursue, nada. Interestingly, once users update the game, things get a little bit bizarre: roads start appearing across the open fields. Just what does this addition imply? Several players were quick to theorize: the uncharted landscapes could become home to new areas added via DLC down the line.

The level of detail given to the landscapes in questions are just too intricate and precise that not ever using it would be such a waste.

But this is not the only Final Fantasy XV glitch to come surfacing online. Another one actually lets players travel all of Insomnia, another late stage locale. The glitch allows Prince Noctis to glide around the city in midair, capturing a bird's-eye view of the world during a boss fight.

It remains to be seen whether these untapped landscapes could be used somehow when future content is released.

Square Enix, the developer of Final Fantasy XV still hasn't issued any word on a release date for the story-based DLC, which will be available to those who purchased the game's season pass, though certain content will still be sold separately. That could arrive in the next few months, alongside a free update that patches up an anomaly with the game's thirteenth chapter. The most recent update saw the New Game Plus mode as a gift to the fans.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Take a look at the glitch below.

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