Yet a new update is beginning to roll out for Pokémon GO, although the latest isn't as sizable as the ones before it — just some minor but welcome changes to the popular mobile gaming app.

Pokémon GO Update

Niantic took to Pokémon GO's official website on Saturday to announce that a new version of the app has arrived for both iOS and Android platforms. Trainers are advised to install the latest update as it becomes available in their region. Instead of an immediate mass rollout, the new version is slowly landing to all Pokémon GO players, much like previous updates of the app.

What's New

On Android, the new update will carry version number 0.55.0, while on iOS, it'll carry version number 1.25.0. The updates aren't that game-changing, of course, so users shouldn't expect anything major out of the new version.

According to Niantic, the new update will reduce startling load times for those running the app on Android, resolve Android connectivity issues for the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, integrate iOS wheelchair support for use with Apple Watch, and fix minor errors in text.

That's about it, really. It's not clear whether this update counts as Niantic's update for the week or if it simply stands as a bonus update that irons out a few bugs. Irrespective of a small recent update that added support for Korean language, the most recent Pokémon GO update arrived Jan. 17. Updates for the app usually roll out bi-monthly and are announced either Monday or Tuesday, so these new updates for iOS and Android could simply have been released early, but are indeed official updates, or a more sizable one is forthcoming. All told, updates are always good news.

Critical Catch And Candy Award

Interestingly, the update boards tweaks unmentioned in the official patch notes. Users on The Silph Road subreddit discovered that the newest app version, on Android, at least, doesn't halt the user's music when playing. A data mine of the update also uncovered interesting bits, namely "Critical Catch," which now appears along with a new item type called "Candy Award," in the game's code.

Often, items that appear on the game's code are later utilized by virtue of succeeding updates, so Niantic will likely announce what Critical Catch and Candy Award mean soon.

Other Pokémon GO News

Six months after the game's official launch, Pokémon GO has finally landed in South Korea, with the delay caused by the country's Google Maps restriction for safety purposes, and it's no secret that Pokémon GO relies heavily on Google Maps, so it wouldn't have worked. Thankfully, Niantic managed to find an alternative solution, but the company has opted to be laconic about its workaround. Nonetheless, the important thing is more players can now jump in the bandwagon. The more the merrier, as the saying goes.

Niantic also resolved several server issues recently, which ironed out a worldwide crash of the app that confounded players all around the globe. Reasons behind the unexpected shutdown is not known, although Niantic assured players that the issues have been resolved.

"Trainers, we have resolved the issue with the servers. Thank you for your patience," reads the tweet.

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