Lady Gaga's new song "Perfect Illusion" has finally arrived. Fans of the singer can now hear the tune on Spotify and Apple Music and may also purchase a digital download at the iTunes store.

Lady Gaga had been teasing the release by posting various pictures and images tied to the song, including snapshots of the singer in the studio with collaborators Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker and Bloodpop. Ronson famously worked with Amy Winehouse and produced the massive "Uptown Funk" with Bruno Mars. Parker is the lead singer of Tame Impala, and Bloodpop worked with Madonna and on Justin Bieber's recent number one smash "Sorry."

Lady Gaga has also posted several images on her Twitter account that appear to be culled from the video shoot for the song, although this has not been confirmed, nor has the release date for the song's accompanying music video.

Gaga has a lot riding on the new release and the upcoming album that it previews. The collection will be her first solo pop album since Artpop dropped in 2013. That album was a relative commercial disappointment for the singer, and while it might not have deserved the "Artflop" moniker some media outlets tagged it with, it did not live up to its pre-release hype or the chart and sales performances of Gaga's previous efforts.

Since that time, Gaga reinvented herself as a jazz and American standard singing chanteuse with the aid of the legendary Tony Bennett, with whom she toured and recorded the successful Cheek to Cheek duet album. She has publicly stated that she was unprepared for the backlash she received upon the release of Artpop and felt depressed and anxious about returning to pop music, and credits Bennett for helping her to overcome those feelings and helping her to find her voice once again.

Lady Gaga has since been working with some of pop music's top producers on the new disc. They include everyone, from her early collaborator Red One, who helped her rise to fame with "Just Dance," "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance," to legendary electronic producer Giorgio Moroder, who famously helped create many of Donna Summer's top hits during the Disco era. In fact, Gaga seems to channel the late diva, who is listed as one of the singer's greatest influences on her Apple splash page, on first single "Perfect Illusion," a driving '80s-influenced pop rock track.

You can check out Lady Gaga's "Perfect Illusion" on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes now.

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