Samsung's predilection with launching accessories alongside its flagships will persist with the release of Galaxy S8, its most recent and forthcoming flagship. According to reports, the South Korean electronics company is launching the new Samsung Level In ANC wireless headphones alongside the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Level In ANC Wireless Headphones

The new wireless headphones will of course feature noise cancelling, which reduces unwanted ambient sound by virtue of active noise control. The company already launched a wired version of its in-ear Level In ANC last year. The rumored release of the headphones originates from Roland Quandt via Twitter.

Samsung claims that its Level In ANC headphones can diminish ambient noise by up to 20 db, which translates to a more immersive listening experience, undisrupted by external noise that clog and interrupt one's music session.

The Level In ANC headphones also has a feature called Talk-in Mode that allows the user to hear external sound so as to let them hear if someone is barking their name out loud.

Samsung Level In ANC Wireless Headphones Price And Color Variants

To be launched alongside the handset, as previously mentioned, the report states that the Level In ANC wireless headphones will cost €130, or about $140. The headphones will reportedly come in a variety of color schemes including red, green, black, and silver.

Galaxy S8 Rumors

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 late March, but quite a sizable amount of rumors has already been attributed to the handset.

Reports say that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy S8, with both phones' screen dimensions standing as the prominent disparity. According to rumors, the handsets will have a bezel-less, edge-to-edge Infinity display.

The Guardian claims that the Galaxy S8 will be for sale around April 21, which is later than the phone's expected Mobile World Congress reveal, a delay caused by Samsung's ill-fated Note 7 snafu.

The exact screen size is yet to be announced, although it's been reported to hover around the 5- to 6-inch mark. Both variants will feature curved displays, reports say, which will make the handset similar to Samsung's previous flagship, the Galaxy S7 edge.

Rumors also pit an iris scanner on the Galaxy S8, a biometric scanning module first embedded on the Note 7. The scanner allows users to unlock their phones or authenticate transactions by simply scanning their iris, hence, the name.

In terms of internals, rumors suggest the phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip under the hood, ship with 64 GB of internal storage, and support up to 256 GB of expandable storage via a microSD slot.

The phone will come with a USB-C port, an artificial intelligence assistant that's able to determine objects, which could be called Bixby, as per a number of rumors which also suggest Samsung developed it with other companies

All told, rumors should still be treated with caution; it's best to just wait until Samsung itself officially unveils the device in question.

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