Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new Cortana beta program for iPhone users. Beta testers will be able to have early access to a few new enhancements and features.

Cortana, which is akin to Siri and Google Now, is Microsoft's own voice-activated digital assistant that was a part of the Windows 8.1 update. The company has now come up with an enhanced Cortana for iPhone, which is currently in the beta stage.

Microsoft has already rolled out a Cortana beta program for Android users. This intelligent personal assistant gets new features that are available on Windows 10 via the Windows Insider Program.

"We're launching a new beta program for the Cortana iOS app and want your feedback to help improve the product experience and shape the future of Cortana on mobile," Microsoft announced.

This new beta program is available only for users in the UK and the United States, and is limited to 1,000 beta testers.

Microsoft is looking forward to having more beta testers and revealed that its sole motive was receiving customer feedback to improve and work on any flaws.

Siri Or Cortana?

Those using an iPhone and are not satisfied with Siri can try out Cortana. Microsoft's attempt is not something new, as Samsung has already come up with its own virtual assistant called Bixby. Rumors are rife that Nokia too is working on a voice-activated assistant dubbed Viki, which is expected to give tough competition to Google Now.

Amazon Echo also has its own voice-activated assistant named Alexa. At CES 2017, Huawei announced that its flagship phones too shall include an app that will connect to Alexa.

With Cortana, users can carry out several activities like sending out emails and texts, making calls, scheduling events, setting alarms, searching the internet for information, modifying settings, setting reminders, getting directions, and more.

There are certain features unique to Cortana, such as assisting users in looking for flight information. With contact-based reminders, Cortana alerts one when to email or send a text to someone.

Those who would like to opt for Cortana over Siri can try out the new features that the former offers via the beta program for iPhone.

How To Join The Cortana Beta Program

To join the program, users simply have to fill up the form and join in to avail of all the new features and improvements.

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