The Internet has seen some strange viral memes and videos before, but nothing is as entertaining yet terrifyingly creepy as the ones that feature Winnie the Pooh dancing.

Dancing Winnie the Pooh videos have taken over Twitter thanks to accounts like @WinnieDancing that now has more than 40,000 followers after the account was just created last month, and other copycat accounts like @Dancing_Winnie.

In the weird way the Internet works, the clip that features a 3D Winnie the Pooh animation getting down to Pitbull's "Hotel Room Service" has become the video of the moment. That's because viewers kind of get a Five Night's at Freddy's vibe meets your crazy friend who is always down for a good time from this Pooh. He looks slightly possessed, yet happily ready to party.

With a crazed look in his eye and oddly no eyebrows, dancing Winnie the Pooh is seen showing off his best "Gangnam Style" routine.

The now viral clip is actually taken from a YouTube video from 2015 that features the silly 'ole bear breaking it down to a "Gangnam Style" remix.

Now thanks to @WinnieDancing, the clip has further been remixed to have Pooh dance to just about any song. Taking requests, the Twitter account has released the character dancing to Designer's "Panda," the "Crazy Frog" song and even the American Horror Story theme song.

Of course there is also the  "Catch Me Outside, Howbow Dah" remix.

Even though it is a bit freaky to watch, it's also really entertaining. The bizarre video gets even funnier thanks to its the many memes that have come since it has become popular.

This has quickly become the meme that is perfect for a good laugh.

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