Whether you love it or love to hate it, there is no escaping the fact that Valentine's Day is around the corner. But organizing your plans for the big day doesn't have to be such a struggle. There are countless of apps from Tinder and OpenTable, to Etsy and Fandango that helps users do everything from finding a date and gift, to making sure it is a fun night.

While we all know about and have these apps, there are new titles added in the App Stores all the time—many of them coming in handy during this time of year. You might be looking for cute emojis to send your crush, or for someone to date based on more than just looks. Then again, you could be skipping Valentine's Day and instead want to hire some help in throwing the perfect Galentine's Day bash with your gal pals when nursing a broken heart.

We've got all Valentine's Day scenarios covered. Here are the apps you might not know about that you are going to love this Valentine's Day.

The Dating Lounge

Tinder might be all about how looks good for a one night stand, but The Dating Lounge app is a better option for those looking for real love this Valentine's Day.

Created by professional Matchmaker Samantha Daniels, The Dating Lounge is dubbed "the deal breaker app" because users share their preferences and deal breakers in more than 20 different categories. It encourages people to be picky and really go after their perfect match, while eliminating those who don't meet a user's wants and needs.  

Users can also play matchmatcher for a friend on the platform and see metal friends who can vouch for a potential match who give their "stamp of approval."

The Dating Lounge will be available for iOS and Andorid on Feb. 14.


Get into the rosé all day mentality with the new emoji keyboard from Moët & Chandon.

Called Moët Stickers, this keyboard extension features various "e-moët-icons" that are perfect for texting. They inlcude one to represent popping a bottle of champagne, an eye with lashes, doves, lips, a queen crown and heart with wings.

The stickers will even appear on the new limited-edition Rosé Imperial bottle available on zachys.com.

Moët Stickers is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

Simple Habit

Valentine's Day is not all rainbows and sunshine for everyone. Some people are dealing with a hard breakup, and the day of love only reminds them of their current heartache. But targeted meditation sessions can help to reduce the stress and pent up anger, and that's where Simple Habit comes in.

This meditation app features sessions that teach techniques for improving self-love, clarity, empowerment and acceptance, while allowing the user to "woosa" and not go all Carrie Underwood on their ex.

Simple Habit comes with a 30-day free trial and is available for iOS and Android.


Some prefer to boycott the holiday and instead celebrate Galentine's Day with the girls. Perfecter planning a party with your girlfriends is the platform and app Thumbtack, which connects users with professionals to help them get tasks done.

Thumbtack can be used to do things like hire a personal chef for your romantic dinner if you are dating or married, or be used to do things like rent a karaoke machine, hire a bartender, nail technician or at-home masseuse for your singles only girlfriends bash.

Thumbtack is available to download for iOS and Android.

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