Both Samsung and Apple are poised to unleash the successors of the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 dubbed the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8, respectively, in 2017.

Judging by the innumerable rumors and leaks pertaining to the two devices, the premium handsets look set to house ground-breaking features and could be game changers.

Here's a look at some of the supposed features for the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 that could potentially draw consumers to the two flagship smartphones.

Iris Scanner

Smartphone security is an increasing concern, and to up the safety of a handset so that a user's sensitive data remains away from prying eyes, many OEMs have already deployed a fingerprint scanner.

Both the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 use biometrics, but the arrival of the Galaxy S8 may take things up a notch thanks to the rumored availability of an iris scanner. Basically, the smartphone conducts a retina scan of the user before unlocking the handset.

The now discontinued Galaxy Note 7 was equipped with this feature and it will not come as a surprise if Samsung introduces the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 as well.

Rumors also hint at the iPhone 8 being equipped with the functionality, but whether Apple will save it for a different model remains to be seen.

Desktop Mode

Rumors suggest that Samsung will be incorporating a new feature in its 2017 flagship smartphones — dubbed the "Desktop Mode" — which will be apparently similar to Continuum from Microsoft.

The feature will basically allow the user to connect his or her Galaxy S8 to a computer monitor and peripherals to enjoy a smooth desktop computing experience. Tech enthusiasts are hailing this supposed feature from Samsung as a game changer.

This feature may also give the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge over the iPhone 8.

Beast Mode

Samsung is also expected to deploy a novel feature for the Galaxy S8, which the iPhone 8 may not have — the Beast Mode.

Samsung applied for the trademark for the Beast Mode in December 2016, which could be a power optimization setting.

The feature could put the Galaxy S8 on a higher gear, providing users with maximum computing power. By the sound of it, the feature may come in handy for gamers.

MicroSD Card Support

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to offer microSD support, which could allow users to expand the memory of the device to 2 TB.

Apple has traditionally desisted from providing expandable memory support, and it seems unlikely that things would change with the arrival of the iPhone 8. While the iPhone 8, like the iPhone 7, may come in a 256 GB option, the base version of the Galaxy S8 may also supersede on storage support count.

The base version of the Galaxy S7 was 32 GB and even if the Galaxy S8 sticks to this option, the additional 2 TB support clearly gives it an edge.

3.5mm Audio Jack

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is expected to sport a 3.5mm jack, which would ensure that users have easy and smooth access to music.

Apple skipped the headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and may stick to the same convention for the iPhone 8. Those using the iPhone 7 need to purchase the wireless AirPods to listen to music, which is an additional expense.

While the above-mentioned features may give the Galaxy S8 an edge over the iPhone 8, it must be reiterated that this is mere speculation and some of the functionalities may not even make it to the Samsung smartphone.

Moreover, Apple too is rumored to be working on a slew of features such as facial recognition, wireless charging and gesture recognition, which could tilt the scales in the iPhone 8's favor — if indeed they make their way to the handset.

Although it may seem that Samsung has the upper hand, it's too early to dismiss the iPhone 8 from the race.

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