Square Enix recently launched the 30th anniversary celebrations of the long-running and highly influential Final Fantasy franchise.

The festivities begin with upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XV, which will rework the game's Chapter 13 and introduce Episode Gladio, and the July 11 release of Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age, which is an HD remaster of the original title with improved graphics and a revamped license board battle system.

However, notably absent from the opening ceremony of the Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary was news on the console version of the arcade game Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Console Version Of Dissidia Final Fantasy In Development

In an interview, Ichirou Hazama, the producer of Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Takeo Kujiraoka, the game's director, discussed the reported console version of the the arcade game and why it was not included in the anniversary presentation.

According to Hazama, the development team has not yet been able to prepare something worth showing off at the opening ceremony of Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary, and so it was decided that the official reveal of the console version of Dissidia Final Fantasy will be delayed.

"Many users are expecting a story for the console version, which we are of course preparing," added Hazama, confirming reports that there will be a story mode for the upcoming version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. However, Hazama noted that the focus will still be on the game's battles, though with the team's planned enhancements, it will take some more time before the title is revealed.

Difference Between The Arcade Version And Portable Version Of Dissidia Final Fantasy

Some gamers may be confused with Dissidia Final Fantasy being an arcade game, as it is more popularly known as a title for Sony's PlayStation Portable console.

The arcade game Dissidia Final Fantasy, which actually runs on PlayStation 4 hardware, is currently only available in arcades in Japan. Both the arcade version and the PSP version allow players to use characters from the different games in the Final Fantasy universe in arena-style matches. Combat involves HP attacks, which reduce the HP of opponents, and Bravery attacks, which increase the damage that HP attacks are able to deal.

The PSP version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, however, features one-on-one matches. The arcade version features three-on-three battles, making fights more chaotic as there is always the chance to be triple-teamed into oblivion.

Dissidia Final Fantasy As eSports Title

According to Kujiraoka, the development team of Dissidia Final Fantasy could possibly move into the direction of raising the game as an eSports title, especially with the massive support for eSports overseas.

Square Enix has been thinking of creating a game that would break into the competitive eSports scene, and it is possible that Dissidia Final Fantasy can do just that for the company. With its popularity due to featuring the most popular characters of the franchise, and the supposed ease of porting to consoles due to the arcade game being based on PlayStation 4 hardware, Dissidia Final Fantasy does have the chance of becoming a team-based eSports fighting game.

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