Last month, separate reports revealed the upcoming updates that Square Enix is planning for Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata previously said that work on the title did not end once it was released, and that the developers are looking to have players enjoy the game "for a long time to come."

More information has now been revealed regarding the additions and changes coming to Final Fantasy XV, including a revamped Chapter 13, the introduction of Episode Gladiolus, and other new things that gamers can expect from the highly successful RPG.

PlayStation 4 Pro Support

In an Active Time Report live steam, Square Enix revealed that an update that will be released on Feb. 21 will be adding PlayStation 4 Pro support for Final Fantasy XV, which will take the game to full HD. With the update installed, the game's graphics will be able to reach a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second.

The Feb. 21 update will also introduce limited-time quests, initially in the form of hunts. There will be other kinds of limited-time quests that will be added to Final Fantasy XV in the future though, including fishing missions.

The level cap for characters will also be raised to 120, though only experience points accumulated after the installation of the update will count toward raising the levels of players beyond 99. The capacity for stored photos will also increase from 150 to 200, and players will be allowed to use the music player while on a Chocobo.

Chapter 13 Revamp And Episode Gladiolus

The revamped version of Chapter 13 and Episode Gladiolus will both be launched on March 28.

Chapter 13 has drawn criticism from players due to being very linear and repetitive, especially compared to the open-world parts of Final Fantasy XV. In addition, the chapter also seemingly abandoned several elements of the game's story, which has made gamers think that the chapter was rushed in development.

It is unclear what kind of changes will be coming to Chapter 13, as gamers wait for more details on the update that Square Enix will release.

Episode Gladiolus, meanwhile, will be the first of a series of DLCs that will focus on the companions of Prince Noctis. Players will be controlling strongman Gladiolus in the episode, where it was revealed that he will be facing off against classic Final Fantasy character Gilgamesh.

The next DLC in the series, Episode Prompto, will launch in June.

Booster Packs For Final Fantasy XV

A Booster Pack+ will also be released on Feb. 21 that will contain a weapon named the Boost Sword, a Dragon Mod for the fishing rod, and an Aviol reel.

Meanwhile, a free version of the Booster Pack, which will be released at a later but yet unannounced date, will introduce Magitek Exosuits. While wearing these suits, the party will be invincible for 30 minutes, with the added bonus of improved fishing abilities. The suits can be used only once every 24 hours.

However, Square Enix has gone back to the drawing board because the design of the Magitek Exosuit too closely resembles those of the new Power Rangers, which is why the release has been pushed back.

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