Ever feel like listening to sad love songs when the you are feeling down? You might not be alone if the weather is gloomy.

With the goal to provide insights to how the weather affects moods and what people listen to, Spotify and AccuWeather have joined forces to launch a new site called Climatune.

Climatune allows music lovers to identify music trends based on where they live and the weather.

To find how weather affects what users listen to, Spotify and AccuWeather conduced a year-long study that consisted of gathering data like sun, cloud, rain and snow from hundreds of weather stations around the world, along with 85 billion anonymized aggregated streams on Spotify from the same days and locations.

The Spotify team analyzed songs associated with each weather type to identify how happy or sad a song sounds.

As a result, they found that there is a connection between the weather and what people listen to.

"For almost all of the top cities around the world, sunny days translates to happier-sounding music," Spotify data researcher Ian Anderson who worked on this project stated.

The researchers found that cities like New York City are among the most that are affected by the rain when it comes to their music selection, whereas people in Chicago are excited by the rain—a mood that is also associated with a sunny day.

In the UK, people listen to sadder music when it rains, but strangely enough those in Manchester choose to listen to music fit for running when it rains.

Spotify and AccuWeather is allowing users to check out the music trending based on the weather and city they are in via the Climatune site.

Once launched, Climatune identifies where the user lives, along with the time and temperature.  Climatune also lets users check out the music and weather patterns in other locations.

A playlist of what that location listens to when it's a specific kind of weather out also appears.

However, the site only plays a snippet of the song. Listeners have to click on "View Playlist" to listen in full via Spotify.

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